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Hi friends,


I have a list of about 30 videos for our company spread around our site. I have to create a resource for our customers to access these all in one convenient location.


If it comes down to it, I could simply make a list and on each click it loads that video on it's own page.

I'd prefer to find something a little more dynamic.

A video playback where it has #1 loaded, with playback controls as well as a thumbnail list (scrollable?) for convenience. I like how ESPN is presenting their stories in this format now, though not all video. Could be on the page or in a lightbox type setup. We have a combination of .mov, .swf, and animated gifs.


I don't want to make it overly complicated, but want something that looks really nice as well as being very intuitive, easy & functional for the end user. I'm not so sure I'm knowledgeable enough to write something that dynamic, not with my boss wanting everything done yesterday. I'm searching around and not finding anything Open Source along these lines.


Does anyone have any recommendations?

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You could use an iframe and have a list of links in a scrollable div at the side, so that the height of the scrollable div matches the height of the iframe, with all links targetted at the iframe.


I know others on this board don't approve of iframes, but they have there uses occasionally.


Otherwise it sounds like a job for Ajax (a type of Javascript) which is beyond my capabilities.

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