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Attempting to amend a WP template

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I am new to Killersites and am going to start on the Dreamweaver and Word Press instruction videos and then probably go from there to some additional education.


On to the point…


The Word Press dashboard does not allow me the function I am trying to attempt so I am in the world of customizing. I have to deliver this TONIGHT to the client and while I planning on learning how to do this from the tutorials I will not have time before this site is due. So I have jumped into Dreamweaver to customize this one section without a lot of knowledge.


What I am attempting to accomplish…


I have been asked to make a “different flavor” spin off of this site:




Here is what I have so far…




I was able to replace three rows on the home page, which is part of the original template, with the text and a video I wanted. Now I am having a bit of a challenge getting the cream colored background in the body of the home page to drop down to cover my new content.


Here is a link to the original theme:




The part that says “Chef’s Specials”, “Pasta plates”, “Salads” is locked into three rows and cannot be change to one (not three) main basic content area.


I realize this is long and evolved description, I am willing to learn, please help!


Thanks in advance!


Got it figured out! Thanks anyway!

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Sorry for the late reply - but let me get this straight first: You have promised something to a client withing a few hours, and as of the time of that promise, you had no idea how to do what you promised? I don't know what timezone your are in, but your post appeared around 5:30 PM my time, so even at that rate, there was not much left of 'tonight.


So if you learn nothing else through this experience, learn this: Don't over-promise. That only puts you in a bind and disappoints the client. Next time, be very generous with your time estimate and then add a week (or whatever depending on scope) - and then, when you're done early, everybody is happy.


But it looks like you pulled if off. I looked at the site last night, but didnt' have time to dig into it, but it was a mess and you had text run on top of other lines of text. That's all fixed now - CONGRATULATIONS. Looks good.


There are a few minor validation errors that could easily be fixed: You're using XHTML doctype, so your tags need to close. Meaning, your <br> tags should actually look like this: <br />.


Also, you should not even be using these line-break tags to create space. If you want more space after your H1 tag, just add a bottom margin or padding.


And lastly, you have several parts of your text underlined - on the web, people expect underlined things to be links - yours are not. And instead of the deprecated <u> tag, you should be adding text-decoration: underline to your css. And, for SEO purposes, it's strategically better to use <strong> or <em> to emphasize important text than <b>. <B> is just a visual element and adds no SEO value.


Those are just minor things, but good to know - overall, as I said, the site looks good.

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