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Page takes way too long to load.


I'm looking at the index page, and I have no idea what this is about. Even that logo in the top left corner is kind of hard to read and what is this about, anyway?


Sitemap is kind of a tool/directory thing - not something that is usually found on first place of your navigation.


The blue on black of your sitemap makes it almost impossible to read.


When you hover over navigation items, they disappear. Usually, hover highlights and emphasized them - yours become invisible.


"Contact' is usually towards the end of the nav list. Mostly, one will have to understand what's going on, before one might want to talk to you.


The drop down items of your Services nav item almost disappear on top of top of some of the images.


I just clicked on of the nav items, but now I don't even know where I am. No active nav item emphasized and no page title anywhere.


(Actually, I'm somewhere under services, but I don't know where exactly - the site doesn't show me any of it) - Centered text is usually reserved for titles and poems - not descriptions.


Your doctype is incomplete, and you are abusing tables for layout.


Very bad coding - tables, inline styling, deprecated tags, tag errors. A mess.


But you have a very pretty black background :-)

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To add to the critiques: The text height get's crunched in Firefox.


I know it's a lot to take in but just take the simple task first such as text alignment, link colors, etc. and fix those first. You will see a big improvement visually. Thereafter, just clean up the other stuff.


And the load time, it does take too long.

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