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The logistics of running a website?


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I have a few specific questions about the logistics of running a website. I am not sure if this belongs to the "Business" section strictly but since my question are about finances too I assume this is the right place.


(The following is purely hypothetical)

Assuming I would plan to build a website about frogs. On that site, people could upload pictures of their frogs (or submit them) which then are posted in a blog-like format. Similar to this website: http://cuteoverload.com/.

The functions would encompass a news-blog functionality and perhaps the ability for people to register and create an account on the site (not a forum account) on which they can view their submitted photos and the like.


Now I have several questions about this scenario:


1. Logistical


1- Assuming the site would have around 100 photos submitted by people per day, what hardware do I have to rent to support that traffic? (storage space)

2- What are the specific differences between renting a webspace and renting a "box"? I assume box means renting a complete dedicated box and the former being a smaller part of a box.

3- What would the average running costs be? Rough estimates for American or Western European hosting.



2. Business


1- Assuming I call my site "frogsite.com", do I own the rights to the name of that site once I grab the domain name or is there extra legal work needed to copyright that name?

2- Assuming I would hire someone to create that site, in what price range would I be in? (Not asking for an exact quote, only trying to approximate in what ballpark it would be in). This assumes average pricing for western europe/USA based companies.

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I can't really comment on a lot of this stuff, so others can feel free to chime in if they know more than I do...




1 - I would personally start small (assuming this is a brand new website), with a simple shared hosting plan with a reasonable amount of space/bandwidth, and keep an eye on the traffic, scaling as necessary. What exactly you need depends on your traffic, and it may be a good idea to discuss some of these questions with a web host. Obviously, if you get a lot of traffic, you'll pay more for hosting, so I wouldn't go out and purchase the most expensive hosting plan you can find only to figure out your website idea doesn't take off.


2 - I believe you are asking about the difference between a shared hosting plan and a dedicated hosting plan. Yes, you basically have it right -- on a shared hosting plan, multiple websites share the same web space/machine processing power, whereas when you have a dedicated box, only you have hosting on that machine and (depending on your hosting) you may have the ability to upgrade specific parts of the hardware/software as you see fit.


3 - I can't really comment on this. A web host would be a better one to ask.




1 - No, you just own the domain name. Copyrighting the name is separate and extra.


2 - Depends on who you ask, their skill level, what functionality you need, when you need it by, if there is pre-existing software available that will reduce the amount of work, etc. Your best bet would be to get quotes from a variety of people, and go with the quote you feel the most comfortable with, based on your interaction with the person/company. Don't necessarily pick the cheapest quote -- you may end up getting what you pay for.

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Holding an online presence is not an alternative anymore. However, of the size of the organization, having an online presence permits businesses to contend with their current customers while attempting to get prospects efficiently.

Here are the fundamental tech characteristics of running a website.

Content Delivery Network
Design and Development
Online Marketing and Google Analytics

Operating and managing a website can be an overwhelming procedure. 

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