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Jquery gallery fades on top of content fades, collapsing divs

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Hi If anyone could take a look at my test site http://www.cambrianvacation.co.uk/rosettafire and go to the gallery page.

I have built a jqquery fade for the content wrapper as you can see on the other pages on this particular page I have just implemented a jquery gallery fade in,

fade out, both are contained in divs, however the slideshow div is collapsing, and not filling out the content div, as normal content would, like on the other pages. How do I get the jquery gallery to not collapse and work with the content div.

I wrote the content jquery fade myself, but the gallery fade I copy and pasted from a tutorial. I haven't learnt Javascript fully yet, so don't fully understand the syntax this might be my problem.



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I believe the div is collapsing because the jquery is setting the elements inside #slideshow to position:absolute; which moves them out of the flow of the document. Adding a height to #slideshow should fix things for you.

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