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The store site looks fine - and validates.


And your thing --- are you an astronaut? I sit there, staring at Milky Way, wondering what this is all about. Pretty picture, but what's the purpose? I don't speak the language, so I don't even know what the navigation means, but whatever I click, takes too long to appear. Most people looking for stuff want the info they are after and they want it fast, or they're out of there. I think you have sacrificed what's essential in a website for fancy flash and effects.


So, have you ever been to the moon?

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I'm glad that you like the store.


Mentally... I'm an astronaut : )

Now... there's an english version of the site... so... you see 5 menu links, one of them is portfolio, the first sub menu is web design... really don't know why stayed there without knowing for what is this all about ;D maybe because of the lack of content on the index... dunno.

About the site speed... I'm getting my notes about people outside my country and most of them said that the site is running slow. I didn't use flash, there is only javascript and I guess that this is all about connection issue. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm not but I really cant do anything about it... unless I make a new site without such javascript effects.


Thanks for stopping by.

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... really don't know why stayed there without knowing for what is this all about ;D maybe because of the lack of content on the index... dunno.


If you mean me by this - I stayed because you had asked for a review and I was reviewing - and I gave you my opinion. And it doesn't matter if it's flash or JavaScript that looks like flash - if the site is too slow because of it, you'll lose visitors, And what's the point of your site anyway? To entertain a few folks who are very patient and like to watch planets move, or to gain customers for your webdesign work?


And yes, this is just my opinion - some folks will agree, some not - that's the nature of those things. You decide if my points are valid for you or not.

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I think that you found something negative in my post, but you shouldn't. It's just that my english is not on a very good level and I can't always express my thoughts correctly.

I'm thankfull for your comment.

Well this is the story around this space sh*t. At the beginning I've created the site only to show digital and traditional drawings. But now I try to work as a freelance web designer and therefore I created the web design section. I know that the site is not appropriate for a web designer page, but at the moment I don't have time to make a new one. So i thought that the web design section even in this site is better then nothing. As soon as I have some free time and an idea, I'll make a new website with blog and the speed and everything : )

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OUCH! No content for the home page????


Well, in a nutshell it is a bit slow. I suggest replacing whatever you have there thats making it slow with something else that is comparable yet faster.


And as for the moon/stars, I have to agree with Andrea. I just don't see the point here. I understand you are into space art (and other creative art) but based on the graphics you have displayed on your portfolio you could be limiting yourself to a very small group of potential prospects. Another thing is that a dark design just doesn't fit for a web designer/developer site. Also, your content need to be white. Don't make users have to hover over the content area to make them white. Other than for links, that type of function is pointless. Finally, your About Me image could use a little bit more clarity.


Otherwise, everything else is good. You kept the content simple, contact form is easy, provided good resources, good navigation and you maintained consistancy throughout.


As for Andrea being negative about your site, this is her personallity. She is going to tell it to you like it is because she wants everyone to be the best that they can be. Accepting criticism is a hard thing to do but when doing so it will expand you beyond what you think you know..."to boldly go where no man has gone before." :)

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I wonder if that was meant the way it sounds :P

HA! It did sound kind of bad didn't it? My apologies. I should have stated that you sounded negative but in fact it was construction criticism for his benefit. My wife is very direct and bold which I didn't like when we first met because I thought she was just being negative but then I realized it wasn't it at all. The issue was that I didn't really want to hear the truth.


Anyway, give me 39 lashes and send me to my room. :rolleyes:

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