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fade effects without flash


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Is there a way to do fade effects without the use of flash.


To be more specific heres what I'm talking about.


Say in a 900 x 400 box, I would like to have a photo fade in, then have text slide on top or text fade on top of the photo separately.(maybe the text is clickable)

Anything of that nature.


I have been learning worpdress and I have been using sliding content plugins, but as far as I know I can only create each slide as a whole and have it fade or slide into the box as one entity. I cannot create separate layers on top of eachother.


Ever since the whole Ipad non flash issue I assume it's not smart to start adding flash to my website as it will be missing when viewing it on the ipad.


So what options are there for me to look into? I have see html5 and css3 mentioned as possible options but I havent figured out what they offer as possible replacements for some flash effects.




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You can Google 'jquery slideshow'and take your pick that fits your needs.


You can also Google HTML Slideshow.


Keep in mind that if you use tags/css that is specifically for HTML5/CSS3 only certain browsers will render it. Firfox 5, Chrome and IE10 (beta) are a few but short list of modern browsers that supports it. IE6, 7, 8, 9, Firefox 3, 4 do not or partially supports it.

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Eddie, I think some of those jquery options are the ones I am using/testing with wordpress. However I couldn't find ones that allow for a layering of type that fades in or slides on top of each slide. As far as I could tell the only options I had on what I have tested allow for say slides 1-6 with each slide being a static entity. I can link each slide and each slide can fade in and out to the next but I couldn't find an option to have a picture separate from some text (that layers on top of a slide and moves).


Does that make sense?


Maybe there are jquery option that I need to configure or build myself, but thats not something I have learned yet.


I was all excited to learn flash at one point to create a little interest on a site, but now I'm not so sure thats an option.

From the work I started on Flash it was a lot easier then creating something from more complex code etc.



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Hi to all,


I found this one very useful online slideshow/slider creator and it’s totally free:



It support great effects (e.g. kenburns, flipp, explode, …), says that it also has mobile support (swipe)


Easy to use and best of all when you are finished creating your slideshow, copy and paste the snippet code anywhere in your HTML.

Fully working with NO watermarks or branding.

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