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Returning An Array From PHP to JQUERY


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hello, i'm having trouble returning a PHP array into Jquery.


I have tried using json_encode but i'm not sure i'm using it correctly.


When i use it, i get the following:


{"id":"1","cid":"3","collection":"collection 1"}{"id":"3","cid":"3","collection":"Testing"}



can someone please tell me if i'm doing something wrong?


Here is my PHP code:


//lets connect to the database and get some info 
require('../../../includes/upload/upload.class.php'); //This will include the Upload Class 

$db = new Database(DB_SERVER, DB_USER, DB_PASS, DB_DATABASE); 

//Ajax to get sub sub categories
$id = $_POST['cat_id']; //this is the id of that category


$id = 3;

$sql = "SELECT * FROM " . TABLE_COLLECTIONS . " WHERE cid='$id'";
$query = $db->query($sql);
while($info = $db->fetch_array($query)){
//lets grab the entire array of info and send it back to jquery 
echo json_encode($info);






Here is my Jquery code:

                           <script type="text/javascript">


									var id = $(this).val();

									//when the select changes, lets use ajax to get some info
									$.post("modules/products/ajax.php?collection=1", { cat_id: id},
  											function(data) {

											alert("Data Loaded: " + data[0].collection);





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while($info = $db->fetch_array($query)){

//lets grab the entire array of info and send it back to jquery :)

echo json_encode($info);


Perhaps instead of echoing out out immediately, you need to create a temporary array to hold the data, do any formatting/processing that you need, and then echo it out using json_encode? You've checked the docs regarding this function, correct? http://php.net/manual/en/function.json-encode.php

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