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Requesting help on creating a transaction on stock fund


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I have some questions about transaction page. Here is the attachement contain the sql connection file, transactionfundpage and transactiondb used for importing into PHPMYADMIN (XAMPP Control Panel)


How to create two PHP transaction page (one on buy transaction and the another one for sell transaction)?


when you select the drop downlist (description of stock fund) , some of the fieldnames will display the values automatically


the stock price

the description

is the stock the client wants to buy or sell

if sell

must see amount left in portfolio

if buy

add the amoint to the portfolio


the fund currency is from the tblclient (reporting currency) and so the exchange rates is taken from tblcurrency.


No_of_units = quantity of the stock fund that client wants to buy or sell.

Price = fund price from tblfund * no_of_units

Amount = The amount of stock fund left in the portfolio

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How far have you gotten so far? Based on the zip file, it looks like you have gotten things started... are you running into any specific errors or issues?



Here are things that I am struck on:


How to do calculation between the two tables (tbltransaction and tblfund)?


the (description) drop down list content is from (fieldname called fund_name from tblfund) is according to how many fund name record in the tblfund table.


When you type in the no_of_units in transaction page, the price fieldname will automatically diplay the value.


The amount fieldname will automatically change the value when you buy or sell the transaction.

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