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well... =)


I did that, but now my longer pages show a gap..


You can see it here: http://ticanew.com/public/classifieds.php

I see what your talking about. Uhm... try using a margin:0 0 8px on the #left instead of padding. And then remove the bottom-border on the #menubot. That "should" do it...

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It worked for the most part - im happy with it.

The longer pages look great. But the homepage loses that white border on the bottom. If we cant get it perfect, thats okay - i doubt anyone will see it. Thanks.

Just mess with it until you get it right. But you should be able to add a 1px bottom border to the grey colored faux column and then use a 9px margin on the #left. Something like that...

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ok, ill work at it then.


I have a small question - i am new at this, when i place margin or padding at :0 0 8px; which is top/left/bottom/right?

No problem, it goes like this. padding:0(top) 0(right) 8px (bottom) 0(left); In your case, the left and right are the same so they can be combined like this. padding:0 0(left/right) 8px; If the top/bottom and left/right are the same, they can be like this. padding:0(top/bottom) 10px(left/right);

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so, yeah. i almost posted a question. then something hit me. turns out i'm dumb and forgot to change a DIV ID while experimenting.

Anyway, I've been trolling this forum about a week and learned a ton from you guys. i only first started this project about 2 weeks ago and most of the time from then to now i've been watching Doctor Who instead :D

Point is you've really helped me out without my ever asking a question.


Thought I should post this for others to see when they come looking for how to build a footer.

It features multiple text areas on the same line as well as a link to firefox on a button.

I guessed my whole way thru this stupid thing cuz i guess its not too popular a feature.

Anyway, code;

(end of my) HTML


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All photos © Dawn Somers

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