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  1. I want to upload a bunch of my music and videos to my online storage. I could just play them from vlc I guess, but I was hoping that maybe I could get a site set up with a music player and a video player. I was also kinda hoping I could set up something I could access with my phone, but I don't know for sure what I'd need to stream music OR videos to my phone. I know it will only play .3gp videos from the phone's memory, but it plays youtube videos thru the videoplayer so i guess maybe it plays flash too. Anyway. Not asking you guys ti help me get it all set up. It's just that I've been googling this crap for awhile and I just keep finding people trying to embed wmv player. I just need some help getting started.
  2. jusr cuz WP has proven to be awesome i wanted to ask if there's any other... let's call 'em "indirectly edited" site software
  3. wordpress seems awesome. i, of course, managed to break it the second i finished installing it. Still not sure i can implement everything i want to, but i'll try. I know that frames are dead and we should be using <div>s but i don't know how to put a piece of another site ino <div>s
  4. So first off i'm sorry cuz despite my searching i didn't see my answer on this site and got a lot of trash info from the Google sifting. Now then. I'm tired of it. I just don't use all these stupid sites enough to give a crap. I wanna get a more centralized setup. I have been paying for a .com for a few years without using it. I was also thinking of starting a LiveJournal account, but then realized I don't want another site. I wanna centralize my online storage and my postings. I have: a .com and plenty of webspace a decent knowledge of html/css (thanks mostly to you guys) and find i can get answers on how to implement most things pretty easily from searching forums I want: To have a journal, sortable by date or something so it just shows the last 1 or few. Don't want it to be the entire site, but it will be the main point. Ability to customize (css, obviously my preference) I'd like to be able to put my 'event' plans on a calendar. I want to post many of my photos and arts but I don't really wanna have to move every single one of them. Anyone know if I can easily put little frames with my facebook or deviantart albums? I'd like to post my lists from MyAnimeList.net I plan to put up 'quilts' from last.fm and librarything.com but would love to make them match with other list if possible. What I require: someone to take this stupid cat away. not really relevant tho. anyway, I'm planning on spending forever just throwing a site together so whatever advice i get whenever it comes is truly appreciated. I will worry about making it perfect later, for now I want to incorporate as many things as i can into it.
  5. ok, here's the goal: to center a group of DIVs visual example: ______________________________v______________________________ --------- --------- --------- --------- | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | --------- --------- --------- --------- the v is center of page. I have seen a lot of tutorials/examples for make 2 or 3 columns centered, the 3 column method usually having set widths. I have been trying to implement them with no success. I was hoping for success by adding a 1px wide DIV in center float outward from, but with the others outside of it they float to borders of parent DIV, when inside they become mangled together. Ideas? Point is I want to make 4 and 5 (maybe 6 for skinny pics) DIV lines (to avoid having to cut out photos because of 3 leftovers). I want them centered looking at any acceptable resolution (1024*768 and up). My plan is to set a background behind each row of 4 or 5 photos to help make each row stand out more, I feel like they currently blend together too much.
  6. The php includes really helped with the footer, tho I have don't really need it for that anymore since I am only loading one page with many hidden DIVs. Still awesome though. I was hoping to find something that could count thru my photos so I didn't need to manually add a million lines for each photo. I haven't found anything tho so not too worried about it. The real reason I showed up tonight was to ask if there's a way to center the leftover photos at the bottom. I have the DIVs to Float: Left and that works well until there's a few extra on the last line. I have thought of setting them up with a clearer to start a new line, but there's not really any way to make them all even this way. I also have the container DIV set to a percentage in case of different size monitors.
  7. yah, i forgot to upload my last change to remove that script last night. I could get it to work anyway. oh yah, the second i saw how it was implemented i knew i would use it. my problem before was that I couldn't create a value change (since I don't really know .js at all). It works perfectly with my hidden DIVs setup. All that's really left is to stop screwing around with little stuff and clean it up so everything has actual links and not '/css/style.css' Also, I can't get it to stop downloading the larger versions of photos I have linked, but that's for another topic area
  8. great advice BeeDev everything worked out great in the end it took me a few hours cuz 1 thing after another would surprise me, turns out my biggest issue was things with the same name. Now my only issue is trying to move the text into center of photo
  9. sorry, i forget that i don't have that in my sig on this forum testsite dot daybreakphotography dot org the value of one on the line marks the springback point of the 'slide' in the navbar
  10. I'd still like to find out how to make the java look at some other value. I changed the original setup of this NavBar to show a DIV when clicked instead of changing pages. This means I'm not reloading the page and therefore not able to simple change value="1" to another I had an idea but don't know how to implement it. Solutions: I could use onload to set the HOME value to 1. I could use onclick to change the value (which I realize is deprecated, but noone has had a solution to that issue either) to 1. Problems: onload not available for I don't know how to correctly implement onclick events at all how would I devalue the other s
  11. well is saw that, but i was confused as to whether or not it was a tutorial to cover the area with the gif until the page was loaded. I also stated i did not want to make a repeating image (like a gif) but it seems my only choice is to make a gif or convert the whole site to flash to make a preloader. I thought maybe there was a way to do it without flash or a repeat gif, i guess not tho.
  12. i'm confused. i saw the animated gif but i also saw the girl loading. is it just that way as an example?
  13. Looking for a HowTo on creating a site preloader. I just need a second or two on Cable ISP but aDSL and comparable are a bit longer. I just want to make a fill bar, don't even need a percentage. I don't want a repeating image, I always hate when a game or site has an image that indicates something is getting done, but then it just keeps repeating with no indication there's an end coming. Don't really wanna use a flash one just cuz it seems like it would just add more time to site. Plus I've avoided using it thus far. testsite d0t DaybreakPhotography d0t org
  14. seems i didn't realize, if i remove the value then all my divs are exposed at once, so that won't do.
  15. I have a nice looking menu i found, but the java for it refers it to a deprecated term. it uses 'value' in the tag. Can I replace this in a simple fashion? It's not necessary so I'm willing to just remove the value from the tag and leave the java be. I also wanted to know if the 'value' of value can be changed by clicking a link in that line without loading a new page. I have an idea that involves multiple DIVs and INCludes but it seems too complicated to work. the html VEGGIE FRUIT the line of code var c,v; c=e[i]; v=c.value; if(v==1){s=c; w=c.offsetWidth; p=c.offsetLeft} the full script var menuSlider=function(){ var m,e,g,s,q,i; e=[]; q=8; i=8; return{ init:function(j,k){ m=document.getElementById(j); e=m.getElementsByTagName('li'); var i,l,w,p; i=0; l=e.length; for(i;i var c,v; c=e[i]; v=c.value; if(v==1){s=c; w=c.offsetWidth; p=c.offsetLeft} c.onmouseover=function(){menuSlider.mo(this)}; c.onmouseout=function(){menuSlider.mo(s)}; } g=document.getElementById(k); g.style.width=w+'px'; g.style.left=p+'px'; }, mo:function(d){ clearInterval(m.tm); var el,ew; el=parseInt(d.offsetLeft); ew=parseInt(d.offsetWidth); m.tm=setInterval(function(){menuSlider.mv(el,ew)},i); }, mv:function(el,ew){ var l,w; l=parseInt(g.offsetLeft); w=parseInt(g.offsetWidth); if(l!=el||w!=ew){ if(l!=el){var ld,lr,li; ld=(l>el)?-1:1; lr=Math.abs(el-l); li=(lr if(w!=ew){var wd,wr,wi; wd=(w>ew)?-1:1; wr=Math.abs(ew-w); wi=(wr }else{clearInterval(m.tm)} }};}();
  16. i'm trying to find a relevant tutorial on how to cut down my html. This means 2 things to me. I have a weird footer according to some, but it works. I was trying to find a way to add something at the end of the html to refer to a file for it. I was told elsewhere to use includes but got no more relevant info. I don't know how to use INCludes or if they are still used these days. I also see a pattern of having to manually add the same info over and over for the different pages that are alike and then having to repeat info inside for my gallery. I am aware my separation of design from style is not great currently and I am trying to get it right this time around, but I don't see this ending my need to load 20+ files per page all named PIC01.jpg PIC02.jpg......
  17. I never thought Dreamweaver was all that awesome, but a friend talked me into trying it out for a bit so I am. As for the problem I had it was my own fault, I misunderstood that I had to make a local copy and set it to sync with the site. it's fairly obvious if you don't overthink it, which i did. CS4 has a "live view" now, which, in testing by having my current site's html loaded, has proven to show everything in exactly the same manner as FF3 and IE8.
  18. i've always been a re-builder, I take templates and distort the crap out of them til i get what i want. I am trying to do a new version of my site with Dreamweaver and noticed something neat but disappointing. At the top it shows the 'linked' files, which is pretty cool, but if i click them it just shows them and says 'this is a remote file and cannot be edited'. Can I make it so I can edit them? I am really enjoying the split view function and it would really help my css coding. I can do this using firebug for firefox and then copying everything, but there are many tiny problems with that which i won't go into i should note i'm aware that it works with local hosted files but I was trying to design the site with someone doing CTRL+F5 across the state.
  19. your right, i threw the site up in a hurry originally and forgot to change the DPIs of the photos. I never liked the white background much either, but left it until I revised the site as I wanted to use a reflection js in the gallery and was not sure what the final color would be. The width of the header and body were the same but somehow i messed that up and i never got around to fixing it, my plan for the revised site is to have the header stretch across (like you suggested) and place the 'descriptive' photo over the menu to the right of the site/company title OR to make a single elongated logo for every page. I have been playing around a bit and plan to make the buttons for my revision match the colors better (i hated the pink too) by making some custom buttons in PS. I may try to implement these without flash but I don't know a better way to make mouseover and click animations (requested by client). The logo is the same on all pages, but it has transparency and the bg color is different, I will take this into account and had not noticed this at all so I'm really happy you pointed out the awkwardness of it. I looked over many gallery types and the lightbox type of method was the visual she preferred. I tried at one point to move the menu down, but at the time i did not know enough to manage this without destroying everything else. I feel I know enough to do the site from scratch thanks to you guys and tek-tips dot com
  20. wow. ok, that was a failure on my part, mostly cuz it was late and i was really tired. Sorry Daybreak Photography dot org I'd put the link directly but the site isn't all that popular as of yet and i noticed forum links i had previously posted showing up in google, some even above it.
  21. for future on-lookers of this topic: if you need a form to email with I have had no issue at all with www dot response-o-matic dot com the best part is that you can very easily edit everything when your done setting it up and getting the form.
  22. I have finally got this site up and fully functional and being used. I still think it could be a lot sleeker looking and would definitely like to speed up some of the load times. While floatbox was easy as breathing and has done me well I am still thinking of changing it (depending on the answers in another topic, plus I've seen a few that seem... prettier). I was thinking of Orangoo Labs' lightbox clone, but I don't think it will "fit" the site's current look. Awesome Box and phatfusion seem nice and are very responsive. I mentioned in another topic my want to use Reflection.JS to add a reflection of the photos but I worry this will greatly slow the site. It seems to take quite awhile to load. Please comment on the site, don't try to help what I've talked about (lightbox clones & reflection) as those were notes on ideas for the site. I already have topic(s) posted for questions involving the tech side of all this. Remember, I am looking for beauty and speed (within reason, it is a photo gallery)
  23. great idea. wish i could do about 1.5 megs, lots of my gallery's photos are over a meg. If you ever managed to combine the 2 tools that would rock. I use an action script in photoshop to just open/watermark/resize/save as/resize to thumb/save as again. But not everyone has the money for photoshop or is an IU student. Seemed to work alright tho
  24. has anyone had any success at combining these. I tried adding Reflection.js to the second photo in a gallery at daybreak photography dot org but found that once the JS loaded it would move the image down to the next line and force the next image down again. The end result was 2 single image rows then the rest continued as normal. I wanted to provide an example (and shall if needed) but the site is in use so i can't leave it broken for more than a few minutes at a time. I created a subdomain to copy the site, but it'll probably be morning before i can FTP into it. It seemed like maybe the reflection.js took a very long time to load. If I have it load on the first page for something unnoticeable would it load faster in the pages viewed afterwards?
  25. Since v3.5 Floatbox is no longer free. It now requires a key to use without pop-ups apparently. License info here: http://randomous.com/floatbox/license My question is does this mean my commercial site can no longer use the older version or is it okay to keep using a <3.5 copy?
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