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Hi to all!!


I recently (almost) completed my first website based on Drupal 7. I spent 3 days to find out how the theming procedure works. It's from html to Drupal 7 theme! It's not actually for a client. Just for learning purposes but i think i could use it for a client.


I want your opinion about it and feel free to ask me about the modules i used. I tried to use a decent amount of modules to see how Drupal handles it and stuff like that.


Drupal 7 website


I'm definitely going to use drupal from now on. It's really flexible and provide several APIs to extend drupal's functionality as you wish although it takes a lot of time to learn this advanced topic about creating custom modules.


Thank you.

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Yet another example of the value of learning PHP ... Drupal is written in PHP of course.


I haven't played with Drupal since version 6, but it was an impressive piece of software (from the users perspective) even then. I haven't looked at the code base, but I hear the Drupal nerds have put a lot of work into cleaning it up.



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As far as i can see Drupal has its own special view of how a cms should be. It looks more like a framework. It has some very difficult (at least for me) topics to learn which frustrates me such as build a module and there aren't many clean tutorials out there.. It can be very chaotic...


Drupal 7 improves its UI a lot. Now is much more user friendly than the 6th version.


Just for the history Drupal uses procedural architecture at least for making modules.


The theming process was pretty straightforward although i had to read a lot for some specific areas like the slideshow in the front page. I'll tell you how i did this if you need it




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Drupal provides you with some APIs. They have a term that is called : hooks.


Hooks are functions that lets your custom module interact with the core of the drupal. In other words, in order to drupal recognize your module you must use these hooks functions.


Also i want to mention that every functionality drupal provides you such as login, basic page, article and so on are all modules which are made with these APIs.


In the core code base they use OOP in some places But they STRONGLY recommend never hack the core.NEVER! Instead, if you want to override things that by default drupal does use these APIs.



Everyone who use Drupal really should learn these stuff. It will give you a lot of power

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A very interesting diagram that i think it tells the truth about the learning curve of drupal is the following pic


post-28696-071001300 1312385435_thumb.png


For me at least Drupal is the most hardcore thing so far as a web programmer. At first i really wanted to quit. :P. But when you complete a site with it , then you own great power

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