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Please Critique My Pet Photography Site!!

Guest piper pix

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Guest piper pix

Hello Everyone,


Please review the new site piperspix.com. We have introduced ourselves with wonderful commercial pet photography of dogs and cats. We have an exclusive collection of dog portraits, images of cats and so on. Our dignified dog photographers are expertise in action dog photography.


Please review the site!!




ww w.pip erspi x.com [remove spaces]


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Overall, your post reads like you're working on your SEO - but I removed the link, so that effort, if any, is now redundant.


Looking at your site - there is too much space between the (too) small (and overcrowded) navigation and that oversized Facebook button, and also too much dead space around the footer area. Visitor counters are kind of tacky and serve no purpose.


Since you're displaying photos, I'd prefer a much less busy background - they just don't work as well on top of this blurry whatever-it-is that's your background image.


The code itself has validation errors, and tables are misused for layout.


Also, keep in mind that light text on dark background is much harder to read than the opposite.

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