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Guest brianlufc

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Guest brianlufc

Hello im new to webdesign and have created a form in html, I have a file ziila account and I want to post the data entered in the form to my webpage, can anyone help me please.

Thank you.

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You are going to learn a bit of PHP to do that. I would take a look here: http://killerphp.com/tutorials/beginners-php/ specifically at the section involving processing forms.


You will also most likely need to store the data entered in the form somewhere, either in a database or in a text file, so that is the second thing I would research after you get yourself familiarized with PHP.


One thing to note -- you better have some strong anti-spam measures in place to deal with any potential spam you will get from this form. In my experience, allowing anyone to post anything they want to your website is usually a bad idea.

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