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Web Stats help Joomla etc


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My company had their site designed using Joomla. We are currently using the system etc. ( I tried asking this on Joomlas site but nobody ever answers questions over there)


I was told by the designer that we would have all sorts of stats available to us using Joomla. Especially when it comes to our advertisers. We would be able to offer advertisers a full detailed look at how their advertising was doing.


However currently the only thing we can see is hits to all the content. Hits for banner ads and the articles etc. (our co.'s chosen web designer cant explain why theres no full web stats, ridiculous I know)


However what I really need is FULL STATS for all articles, banner ads (for advertisers), pages etc. I want to be able to see what parts of the website are generating what kind of traffic, daily, weekly, monthly


Can someone point me in the right direction at understanding the world of web stats and what my options are either in using Joomla or using an outside source. I cant find a concise location on the web that explains the world of web stats to me.


So far godaddy has been the closest to offering our site full site stats. However a lot of their "site analytics" products do not work properly and are missing alot of the options. I was told, by godaddy, it's because of our CMS which does not allow their software to work properly.


So what are my options? Does Joomla have plugins or something like that. Is that not an option? Do I need to use something like Google Analytics, Mint etc..


I'm just trying to understand the different levels of site anayltics and what my options are.



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http://extensions.joomla.org ...


On left hand side choose "Site Management >>" then choose "Site Traffic Statistics" or "Site Analytics". Choose component, download, play, uninstall if necessary, rinse and repeat until you find the one for you. That wasn't so hard now was it? :)


But you're probably just better off using Google Analytics in the long run.

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Bee, thanks.

I took a look at the site. Unfortunately I will have to forward this to the web designer as a point of reference.


I am not comfortable adding these things to our co. site since I do not know the joomla system.


Either way, why do you suggest that google analytics is probably best in the end?


Can google analytics offer stats for all the banner ads on my site?


I was told the joomla system was going to have ad server software etc. I assumed this was a system that would allow me to give our clients a breakdown of how their advertising was doing on our site. Is that the norm? Is that something I should offer clients or is it up to the advertiser to somehow keep track on their end?


Sometimes I get questions from potential advertisers wanting to know the stats on a certain banner position on our site. I need to know how to give them those stats. Same thing goes for sections of the site. My boss wants to know how well a certain area on the site is doing. For instance our digital edition. Up till now I cannot tell him how effective it is or if people are actually viewing it. Those are the type of things I need to figure out in terms of stats.

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These sorts of advanced functionalities usually aren't included in any CMS. You usually get 3rd party plugins and *extend* your default CMS installation with the addons and plugins that you need. Joomla is quite nice and extensible, and there certainly are a lot of different plugins for it. But you don't need to install them on a Live website to test them. You can just install WAMP server on your computer and install Joomla and play around with the plugins. If you don't like it, uninstall it and try another one. Or try out the demos, or read the instructions, however way you go about it, the end result is: Find the right plugin that does what you need it to do. Also there's lots of places where you can scan the code for any hidden nasties with base64 encodes.


And I don't know much about Google Analytics as it's not really my specialty, and I don't know if it can track Banner clicks, but Google Analytics as far as I'm concerned tracks *most things*, including the areas of your pages that have been clicked, where the users leave their cursors, how many visitors you get and where they from and what browser/OS they use, how they got to your site either via search engine or direct access etc. You can make reports based on a time/date selection to present to your clients/bosses, identify areas of improvement/optimisation etc...


I would probably go for Google Analytics in any case, and if you found a nice Joomla component which tracks/collects user statistics too then it certainly *will help* rather than do harm i reckon.


Hope this is useful.

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