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Is there a way to keep this JS in the head section?


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Good morning :),


Is there a way to keep this JS in the head section? I'd like to keep all the IE6 stuff in the same block for simplicity. I have defer="defer" on it, and I thought it worked, but I was wrong. It doesn't work until the 2nd load of the page, or page refresh. So is there a way to write the JS so that it doesn't have to go below the elements using it? Thanks!



{ visibility: inherit; } Tabs
<br /><!--<br />* {<br />margin:0;<br />padding:0;<br />}<br />html {<br />overflow-y:scroll;<br />}<br />body {<br />font:100%/1.25 "Times New Roman", Times, serif, Arial;<br />background:#666;<br />}<br />#tabs {<br />width:520px;<br />margin:80px auto 0;<br />list-style:none;<br />background:#666;<br />}<br />#tabs a {<br />color:#000;<br />outline:0;<br />font-weight:bold;<br />text-decoration:underline;<br />}<br />#tabs a:active, #tabs a:focus, #tabs a:hover {<br />text-decoration:none;<br />}<br />#tabs p {<br />margin:0 0 10px;<br />font-weight:normal;<br />}<br />#tabs li {<br />background:#999;<br />border:1px solid #000;<br />float:left;<br />width:94px;<br />padding:4px 0;<br />margin:0 10px 0 0;<br />text-align:center;<br />cursor:pointer;<br />font-weight:bold;<br />}<br />#tabs li:hover {<br />background:#ccc;<br />border-bottom:0;<br />}<br />#tabs .last {<br />margin:0;<br />}<br />/* ------------- Hide/Show Div ------------ */<br />#tabs div {<br />position:relative;<br />top:5px;left:-1px;<br />display:none;<br />width:478px;<br />padding:20px;<br />border:1px solid #000;<br />border-top:0;<br />cursor:auto;<br />text-align:left;<br />background:#ccc;<br />}<br />#tabs li.two div {margin-left:-106px;}<br />#tabs li.three div {margin-left:-212px;}<br />#tabs li.four div {margin-left:-318px;}<br />#tabs li.five div {margin-left:-424px;}<br />#tabs li:hover div {display:block;}<br />--><br />

<ul id="tabs">
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<br><div style="background:red;"> </div>

Edited by Eric
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Thanks Tim, although it doesn't seem to be working for me? Here is a small little test page. If you put this script at the bottom then it works in IE6.



{ visibility: inherit; } Test
<br /><!--<br />#tabs li {<br />background:#ccc;<br />float:left;<br />list-style:none;<br />margin:5px;<br />}<br />#tabs b {<br />position:absolute;<br />display:none;<br />width:100px;<br />top:10px;left:10px;<br />}<br />#tabs a:hover b {display:block;}<br />a:hover {visibility:visible;}<br />--><br />
<br />var as = document.getElementById('tabs').getElementsByTagName('a');<br />for (var i = 0, j = as.length; i < j; i++) {<br />  as[i].onmouseover = function() {<br />    this.childNodes[1].style.display = 'block';<br />    this.parentNode.style.height = this.childNodes[1].clientHeight + 'px';<br />  }<br />  as[i].onmouseout = function() {<br />    this.parentNode.style.height = '';<br />    this.childNodes[1].style.display = 'none';<br />  }<br />}<br />

<ul id="tabs">
Link1testtest test test test test test
Link2test test test test test test test test test test test test test test 

test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
<br><div style="clear:both;">I want this text to move down when the li grows to match the position 

absolute height of the hidden <b>? Thanks!</div>

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Sorry Eric, that's supposed to be window.onload


Also don't forget to close the function with a "}"


No problem, thank you! That works perfect now! So window onload says - don't run script until everything is loaded? And you have the function closed already in your example right? Thanks Tim! :)

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