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I am trying to locate a jquery slideshow script that will allow me to just upload images and presto it's shows up on the slideshow.


Right now I have tried a few possibilities and the only one I've found uses flash which I want to avoid due to iphone users.


XML is okay but then it requires the client to edit that file in order for the images to display. In all previous cases I have use this method but this client is just not savvy enough to do something like this.


In addition, (though not a priority), I need to be able to apply serveral instances within one jquery to allow which group of images gets displayed. Go here: nz ymes.com/pc/ho me.asp?a=dog (remove two spaces)


As you can see a flash appears. When you click back and forth (top nav) between Pet Health and People Health you will see the flash changes to display another group of images. It's using a session varible to determine which folder containing the group of images to display.


home.asp?a=dog will display the /dog/ folder's images.

home.asp?a=people will display the /people/ folder's images.


Adding or changing the logic probably not a big deal but it's important to find such a jquery slideshow script to make it a very, very simple process for the client.

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