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Hi Friends,


Greetings of the day !!!


You need two glasses to say cheers, I am new in web design and want to enhance my skills. So i expect to share


strongest affairs in the field of web design, just need a bit of your contributions.


Hope you will help me out.




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How new is new? Do you know basic html and css pretty good? If you do I think you will get something out of these discusions. But just a warning because I am pretty new too, if you don't know the basics you will kind of get lost in the discussions.


And if you don't really have a handle on the basics, take the beginners video courses, you will learn pretty fast. I personally am taking (for the first time) the basic video course through the killersites university because they have question and answer tests, and mini scripting tests that make it fun - at least for me. I didn't think the killersite university would be that big of a deal, but I really like to take those little code tests. But of course the real learning is doing the code your self and practicing it in your browser!


Anyway, be prepared to know the basics, because there are many here with totally different and various ways to possibly skin the same moose.



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Ed, this post is two years old.

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