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I am having a problem with my banner scrolling. The link is http://www.robertbonnerswebdesigns.com/bg_testing.htm

I have tried changing the position in my css. I have it set to 100% but it moves when I make my window small enough to have a horizontal scroll bar and reveals the background. I has to be something small thing that I am overlooking or maybe some css that I do not know.

I like to figger out things myself because I learn and remember better but this has me really lost.

This is a site that I building for my nephew he races dirtbikes as I do, just to get me more practice at my site building. I have only been doing this for a little over a year.

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One way around that would be to set the min-width on #banner:


min-width: 960px;


That way, the div will expand as usual, but will have a minimum width equal to the width of the content area on the website (960px.)


Just to be clear, however, this won't work on IE6, since it doesn't support the min-width property.

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