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Dynamic checkbox form....?

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Hi all,


I want to create a form/table or equivalent which lists 50 or so email addresses. The user can then select as many or as few of the email adresses as they like, and then email a file on their computer to all of them in one 'click'.


I could do this using checkboxes in html, and run a php script to manage the process; however, I would also like the user to be able to organise the list into categories such as name / location / industry for example - in a similiar manner to how you can group the results of a search in Ebay to Time Remaining / Location etc...

The list is predefined, and no Search function is necessary - I simply want to have a dynamic list which can be rearranged according to the category selected, and then run an email function off it as described. I'm happy to learn something new to achieve this, at the moment I have a good grasp of HTML/Actionscript - and a basic grasp of PHP.


What is the best route to go down to achieve this please? It's a fairly simple task by web design standards - but one that has he trumped!


If anything needs clarification just let me know.


Thank you!



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