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Pre-select PHP form elements based on history


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My client would like me to build a simple PHP form for viewers to select items they would like more information on. No problem. They would like the form to be pre-selected with an item they just selected on a previous page.


In other words, if they were looking at a vacation page describing a trip to vegas, and they click "buy now", (btw, there will be no shopping cart) or "more info", the subsequent form on the resulting page would have that vacation preselected.


This is requested in an effort to keep the clicks to a minimum for the user.


Couldn't this be done by attaching an "ID" to the "more info" button on what ever page they came from?


Your help is appreciated.

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Thanks for your replies. I did end up passing an ID via the link and used the $_GET to both, show the "vacation" name visibly on the form, and also to pass the ID through the form data using a hidden input! :clap::)


So thanks for your help.




@Ben - your logo is VERY cool!

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