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  1. I am trying to ind a solution to create a link on a web page that would add an event to a users calendar. Like a .ics link. I have tried creating a direct link to an ics file but it didn't actually work. Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. "email forms" are also not a good idea when you consider the number of people who use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and the likes. Many of these users know nothing of how to actually use their email clients so you are losing a good part of your potential audience. Search for contact forms - there are literally thousands of tutorials on how to accomplish this.
  3. Use the news image as a background image for a div - then create a div within that one with proper padding/margins for positioning of the content.
  4. Thanks for your replies. I did end up passing an ID via the link and used the $_GET to both, show the "vacation" name visibly on the form, and also to pass the ID through the form data using a hidden input! So thanks for your help. P.S. @Ben - your logo is VERY cool!
  5. Hi, My client would like me to build a simple PHP form for viewers to select items they would like more information on. No problem. They would like the form to be pre-selected with an item they just selected on a previous page. In other words, if they were looking at a vacation page describing a trip to vegas, and they click "buy now", (btw, there will be no shopping cart) or "more info", the subsequent form on the resulting page would have that vacation preselected. This is requested in an effort to keep the clicks to a minimum for the user. Couldn't this be done by attaching an "ID" to the "more info" button on what ever page they came from? Your help is appreciated.
  6. If I am using an include, be it php or ssi, how can I create separate meta tag info, descriptions for individual pages? I need to include the navigation within the include so the head tag has to close in the header include. Any ideas?
  7. joomlavideos

    AdSense CSS

    I am trying to stylize a client's site and would like to change fonts and colors for their AdSense ads on their site without having to have access to their actual Google account . I have been trying to implement my own styles using CSS unsuccessfully. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
  8. HI, I have MAMP installed and running 10.5.8. I am successfully developing sites locally with WordPress and Joomla. However, I am trying to develop a site using php and having issues. When I go to url localhost:8888/sitename/ nothing comes up. When I go to url localhost:8888/sitename/index.php, all that shows in the browser is the source code. IS this something to do with .htaccess? If I modify this file, will it mess up Joomla and WP? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. I know what you mean about the inaccuracy. I have a client that averages 1200 visits a month and has an Alexa rating of over 9 million. Yet another site that averages 275 visitors a month has a rating of about 2.4 million. I don't understand that. Also, URL Trends shows their Alexa rating going back quite a while, yet the other site will only go back to the beginning of this month. And they are both over 10 years old. I don't get it. I look forward to seeing the SEO stuff you're producing! On another note, I have gone through the PHP videos on this site and started getting into it - thought I was getting somewhere. But seemed to lose focus after a while and other pressing matters taking precedence. Do you know of a place I can sit in a class and learn PHP in Tampa? I searched Google but all I found were 3-4 day seminars for WAY more than I can spend. I tried all the local universities but didn't find much there either. Thanks again! JJ No problem. I am actually working on a set of SEO video tutorials .. if that is of any interest. They will be posted in the university
  10. Quick question, do you know of a way to see past Alexa ratings for a given, say 1 or 2 months back? JJ
  11. I am trying to decide on how to best integrate images and copy for a portfolio. I like the jQuery galleries as they add some movement and some elegance, depending on which one you opt for. But what I do not like about it is the fact that all the images in the slide show have to load with the page. Even with bandwidth being what it is today, having to load, say, a dozen or so sizable images for a gallery seems a bit much to me. I do not like using Flash as the content is not SEO friendly. The other option is, of course, PHP. This seems to me to be the most practical and efficient way of doing it. But I am brand new to PHP and would not know how to build it. Does anyone know where I can find a great tutorial on building a PHP portfolio gallery complete with accompany copy? Or are they "prebuilt" options that I can consider and modify? Thought I'd ask.
  12. I am integrating a start-stop jQuery slider found at Chris Coyer's site (css-tricks DOT com/startstop-slider/) and was wondering if anyone knew how to add navigation to the script so viewers could either skip slides, or go back, etc. Thanks! JJ
  13. I would like to create a menu like the Joomla default menu in rhuk_milkyway. The way this menu is set up, the two "endcaps" of the menu move out as the width of the menu content increases. This is done with the tables that Joomla generates through the menu manager. I understand that concept and how the table can grow. My question is: can this be done with CSS and DIVs instead? I always thought you had to specify a width in a div otherwise it would expand the entire width of it's containing div. I know I can create nested divs that hold the "endcaps" and ultimately the menu contents, but again, the div would expand without a width declaration. Thanks!
  14. I just installed the GUI tools for MySql on my MacBook Pro to develop sites locally. When I log in to the administrator as root, I can only see 3 of the 12 schemas in MySql. Can anyone shed any light on this? Is there a great source to learn this administrative tool? Thanks!
  15. On Obama's web site www dot barackobama dot com, if you look at the CSS, there is usage of the background declaration. My question is they are using it like this: Background: transparent; Background: transparent url (images/sample.jpg etc...); What exactly is this? I looked on w3schools because I was only aware of background-color: transparent;, and sure enough, there is no mention of the above mentioned declaration. Does anyone have any idea how this is used or recognized? Thanks!
  16. I have been designing for print and web for over 15 years and have now decided to fully and seriously learn php and mysql. I have found numerous sources to start delving into it, including this site's videos (good job Stefan!). My problem is getting past the initial installation of the programs on my MacBook Pro (Intel). I installed MAMP months ago so I could use Joomla and WordPRess locally. No problem, works like a charm. However, the books I am trying to learn from recommend installing the programs via the old way so it runs on the Apache in the usr/sites folder. I installed both with no issues - but when running the simple phpinfo() to test, I get a 403 Forbidden error. Also, another book is recommending I access the db through Terminal, which I have tried but with no results. I am completely lost in Terminal as I know nothing about it and the commands I run do not get the same results as the book says. I completely believe in learning to access the db this way before relying upon the GUI interface like you see in PHP admin. Any way, can anyone recommend anything?
  17. Hi, I am looking for opinions or resources for information on naming your URLs. In WordPress, Joomla and the likes, with SEF turned on, page URLs are named using hyphens between the words. For example, a recent post may be about auto detailing. The URL might read company.com/auto-detailing. My question is for non-dynamic sites. When naming pages in a static site, is it better, SEO-wise, to name the page with that hyphen, like WordPRess, (auto-detailing.html) or save it as autodetailing.html (no hyphen)??? Anyone have any information on such naming conventions or articles they can point me to? Thanks! JJ
  18. <?php $h = date('G'); //set variable $h to the hour of the day $d = date('w'); //set variable $d to the day of the week. $year = date('Y'); //set variable $year to the current year //G is the date key for hours in 24 format (not 12), with no leading 0s, like 02. // Adjust 1 hour offset for CST below. $h = $h-1; // MONDAY SCHEDULE if ($d == 1 && $h >= 16 && $h < 17) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/onAir.gif'; else if ($d == 1 && $h >= 17 && $h < 16) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/offAir.gif'; // TUESDAY SCHEDULE if ($d == 2 && $h >= 16 && $h < 17) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/onAir.gif'; else if ($d == 2 && $h >= 17 && $h < 16) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/offAir.gif'; // WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE if ($d == 3 && $h >= 16 && $h < 17) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/onAir.gif'; else if ($d == 3 && $h >= 17 && $h < 16) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/offAir.gif'; // THURSDAY SCHEDULE if ($d == 4 && $h >= 16 && $h < 17) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/onAir.gif'; else if ($d == 4 && $h >= 17 && $h < 16) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/offAir.gif'; // FRIDAY SCHEDULE if ($d == 5 && $h >= 16 && $h < 17) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/onAir.gif'; else if ($d == 5 && $h >= 17 && $h < 16) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/offAir.gif'; // SATURDAY SCHEDULE else if ($d == 6 && $h >= 0 && $h < 24) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/offAir.gif'; // SUNDAY SCHEDULE else if ($d == 7 && $h >= 0 && $h < 24) $img = 'http://ourclient.info/WSS3/images/offAir.gif'; ?>
  19. Thanks for the reply. I inserted your script in the include and tested in the browser. But what I got was the code showing on the web page. Am I supposed to place the actual PHP code somewhere else, and then use the in the div? Thanks!
  20. Hi, I found this cool script that will allow me to change an image based on the time of day and the week. Here is the script itself: ------------------ <?php $h = date('G'); //set variable $h to the hour of the day $d = date('w'); //set variable $d to the day of the week. $year = date('Y'); //set variable $year to the current year //G is the date key for hours in 24 format (not 12), with no leading 0s, like 02. // Adjust 1 hour offset for CST below. $h = $h-1; // MONDAY SCHEDULE if ($d == 1 && $h >= 16 && $h < 17) $img = 'images/onAir.gif'; else if ($d == 1 && $h >= 17 && $h < 16) $img = 'images/offAir.gif'; // TUESDAY SCHEDULE if ($d == 2 && $h >= 16 && $h < 17) $img = 'images/onAir.gif'; else if ($d == 2 && $h >= 17 && $h < 16) $img = 'images/offAir.gif'; // WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE if ($d == 3 && $h >= 16 && $h < 17) $img = 'images/onAir.gif'; else if ($d == 3 && $h >= 17 && $h < 16) $img = 'images/offAir.gif'; // THURSDAY SCHEDULE if ($d == 4 && $h >= 16 && $h < 17) $img = 'images/onAir.gif'; else if ($d == 4 && $h >= 17 && $h < 16) $img = 'images/offAir.gif'; // FRIDAY SCHEDULE if ($d == 5 && $h >= 16 && $h < 17) $img = 'images/onAir.gif'; else if ($d == 5 && $h >= 17 && $h < 16) $img = 'images/offAir.gif'; // SATURDAY SCHEDULE else if ($d == 7 && $h >= 0 && $h < 24) $img = 'images/offAir.gif'; // SATURDAY SCHEDULE else if ($d == 7 && $h >= 0 && $h < 24) $img = 'images/offAir.gif'; ?> basically this is for a radio show - and I have an image I want to display between 4-5pm CST that says "On the Air", and then display "Off the Air" any other time of the day. My question is this: Being that the place where I want this image to load is in a DIV and in an include, where do I load this script? I tried to place the script in the div itself in the include, then I tried create a separate include with a php extension and insert it within the original include itself (nested - I know probably not a good idea), but I am not seeing anything in either case. Would anyone have an idea on how I can modify this to accommodate my wishes? Thanks! JJ
  21. Thanks for looking Ben. I haven't seen Firefox render anything, much less CHinese. But did see Chinese in IE on the PC. I think it could be a problem with either a number of things: I am hand coding in Coda, and I had copied and pasted text from PhotoShop and there was a UTF code issue, I copied and pasted scripts from another web site, I copied and pasted HTML from an existing site as well. It's looking like I may have to re-code everything from scratch. I saw a number of validation errors from W3C html and css validation services, but they were more to do with the jQuery and Flash than anything else. So I am still stumped. Thanks again! JJ
  22. I have been racking my brain all night after seeing how my pages at http://www.j2studio.com/WSS3 have been rendered in IE and FIreFox on the PC and the Mac. Opera and Safari seem to be ok, but FIrefox will not load the CSS for any pages other than the index. And IE on the PC is automatically translating the page to Chinese!!!! I have never seen this. Can anyone shed some light perhaps? THanks!
  23. Not sure why you would use absolute to begin with. This is a very straightforward layout, very boxy, where margins and/or padding would easily achieve your goals. On another note, I would use text for the poster and not an image as the copy will never be indexed by the search engines. Another note, doubling the weight of your mouse overs and increasing the font size by causes re-wrap in narrow columns, never been a fan of that. Another, nother, note, consider adding more padding or "breathing room" for the lower portion of the page, like you did up top. HTH
  24. I agree with Eric. Fluid, elastic, call them what you will, effect the layout based on browser width. You are in control with fixed width. I am also a fan of centered fixed with as left aligned sites leave a massive right gutter, a seemingly imbalanced appearance. Just my 2 cents. HTH
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