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What's the best way to learn jQuery?


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Time to leave my comfort zone and learn something new...


I think I'll try my hand at jQuery. How did you guys learn it? Thanks! :)


Because there are developers that aren't really experts at JS (like me), but they are at working with jQuery and such right?

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Loving what I'm seeing so far!


Have you seen this http://api.jquery.com/


Cool - an official reimplementation of Visual jQuery :)http://remysharp.com/visual-jquery/


Have you seen this http://jsbin.com/


I'm not sure what use this is, but its a cool idea :)


jQuery is awesome - tomorrow's project is creating a complex form that pops up in a modal dialog, submits via Ajax, and returns the result to the user. I just finished redesigning an internal site using it, and it took me about 1/5th the time of Javascript alone.

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I'm not sure what use this is, but its a cool idea


If you click on one of the API's and then look at the demo, in the demo theres an edit button. That edit button takes you to that JS edit page.


I'm loving it! Because I suck at writing any JS - too complicated for me. But jquery actually seems to be making sense to me. Seems like you write it in sort of a CSS coding way. I like it!


Kyle sighs, and shakes his head in disappointment...

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So I'm watching all these tuts. Is there a home base that lists all the thingy madogers (functions or what ever). Like $("#box").slideToggle(1500); and $("#box").hide(1500); and $("a").click(function() and so on - all those!


I believe I found them. All these pages. http://docs.jquery.com/Events

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There are a couple of things here. The $() function is actually an object, like all javascript functions. This may be confusing, so if it is, ignore that part ;)


If you do

$('#someElement').click(function() { alert('foo'); });

, it binds the function you declared in that .click() to happen whenever the user clicks on #someElement. That's called "binding an event". The Events link you just posted has the list of available events.


Note that $(...).click(...function...) is the same as $(...).bind('click', ...function...).


Next you have effects. Effects are functions that act on the selected items immediately. For example:


instantly hides the #someElement. For added fun, you can do things like:


to cause the element to fade from 100% opacity to 0%, then hide. Note that 0% opacity is not "hidden" - it is still taking up space on the page, you just can't see it. The "500" is the time, in 1/1000ths of a second, that the effect takes to complete.


Have fun!

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