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Concerning periods before and after variables...

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Hello everyone,

I have been learning about the "mysql_query" business, and from a file i downloaded to reference, I see that the developer has placed periods before and after his/her variables inside the INSERT INTO statement. Any reason why? And, is that required??? Thank you!



here is what the file had:


mysql_query("INSERT INTO `people` SET `username` = '".$username."',

`password` = '".$password."', `email` = '".$email."', `fullname` = '".$fullname."'");

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In this case, I don't think it's absolutely necessary. The periods just indicate string concatination -- strings combined with variables:


$string = "text here..." . $variable;


PHP will interpret variables within double quoted strings, so this isn't really necessary. If Within single quoted strings, the "$variable" will be interpreted as text, not a variable.


For example:


$variable = "test";
echo 'variable equals: $variable'; // will display "variable equals: $variable"


$variable = "test";
echo "variable equals: $variable"; // will display "variable equals: test"

In this particular case, I believe the sql query could also be written like this, without the periods:


mysql_query("INSERT INTO `people` SET `username` = '$username',
`password` = '$password', `email` = '$email', `fullname` = '$fullname'"); 

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Thank you kindly for the answer. I had a slight idea of the period being concatenation, but couldn't quite figure out what was being "concatenated" since one variable was being added to one field while the next was being added to an entirely different field. Strange I thought. I'll just chalk it up to not being needed, so i most likely won't ever use it.


Thanks again!

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