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JS Conflict

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Hi Guys,


I think I have a js conflict between the left side menu and the slider which are both using Jquery and easing.


Here are the links to the pages that are giving me problems:

This page is correct: http://emasai.com/depinho/branding-education.html

The menu correctly stays open when the Branding section is active and all the others stay closed.


This page with the slider is not right because while the Book Cover section should stay open because it's active, the Branding section is also open even though it is not.



Can anyone help me, I can't correct as I can't script, so I'm like a hen who has found a knife and fork....



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Thanks Eric, I tried changing the order of the scripts and I either get no drop down on active at all or the same result as before.


http://emasai.com/depinho/books-education.html - same result as before both menus dropped


http://emasai.com/depinho/books-education2.html - gives me no active open drop down menu


I do not know where to put the noconflict menu, because I don't know what's causing the conflict.... :clap:

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Absolutely it helped, thanks for that - I didn't realise I had to call the Jquery library before I called the scripts. :D

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