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Check This in Chrome

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Can someone please check this in Chrome.


w ww.madc owcutle ry.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1616 (remove 3 spaces)


You will have to do the following steps to get to the problem I am having:


1. Click 'Add To Cart'

2. Popup window will appear. Click on 'View Cart'

3. Click on 'Checkout'

4. Here you are given the option to Login/Register or Continue. Just click on 'Continue' as a guest.

5. Here you would need to add the Billing Information. Just add some bogus info.

6. Now click 'Continue' below the billing information.

7. Hit 'Continue' again for the next step.


Review the image below and see my comments in RED.




Finally, click 'Continue' again from the shipping options.


Here is what I get now:




This only occurs using Chrome and only for new guest checkout.


I used Firebug Lite for Chrome and it's weird but the table that is containing that area seems out of wack especially the for cell. Just not sure what the cause it.

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