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Storing password in sql/phpmyadmin


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Hi all,


I'm looking at how best to store user login details in a database. Currently i'm just working locally on my laptop using xampp (phpmyadmin). At the moment the password column is just a varchar field, when this goes online I assume this won't be safe. Is there a different method of storage, maybe a blob?





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Using a varchar column type is fine. However, it's considered bad practice to store passwords in plain text in the database. For example, if the password is "password1" you would want to store an encrypted version rather than just "password1" so if anyone gets access to the database, they don't immediately have access to everyone's usernames/passwords.


There are a range of ways to encrypt passwords... I usually use MD5 plus a salt (a random couple characters added to the end of the password to make it more random. For example:


$password = $_POST['password'];

$salt = "8dC_9Kl?";

$encrypted password = md5($password . $salt);


The encrypted password would be stored in the database. Then, if you wanted to log the user in and compare what they entered against the database:


$db_password = ""; //get the password from the database

if (md5($password . $salt) == $db_password)


// continue...



I cover this in my PHP login series.

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