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MAMP not recognizing PHP files?


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HI, I have MAMP installed and running 10.5.8. I am successfully developing sites locally with WordPress and Joomla. However, I am trying to develop a site using php and having issues.


When I go to url localhost:8888/sitename/ nothing comes up. When I go to url localhost:8888/sitename/index.php, all that shows in the browser is the source code.


IS this something to do with .htaccess? If I modify this file, will it mess up Joomla and WP?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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How are you creating your files? What editor are you using? For example, others have had issues when using TextEdit when they don't realize they are using Rich Text mode rather than plain text mode.


Assuming you are using TextEdit...

-- open up TextEdit

-- go to the preferences

-- make sure new documents are set to use "Plain Text" format (it defaults to rich text)


If the above issue doesn't fix things, you should also check that Mac OSX isn't hiding the real file extension from you, which could result in you having files named "yourfile.php.txt".


To check this:

-- Open up the Finder

-- go to the preferences

-- select the "Advanced" tab

-- make sure that "Show all filename extensions" checkbox is checked (I believe it is unchecked by default)

-- check your .php file to make sure it ends in .php


Also, assuming you are using TextEdit, take a look at Smultron or TextWrangler -- both are free text editors for Mac that support things like syntax highlighting, line numbering, etc. They're both a lot better to work with than TextEdit (though you could do a website in TextEdit just fine.) If you have money to spend, take a look at Coda (my editor of choice) or Espresso / Textmate.

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