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I want a quicker way to open files in WampServer


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I've been using WampServer but I think I'm opening files in a long way and there must be a quicker way.


I open WampServer and click the "put online" item and then click "localhost" which opens http://localhost/ with the index file in Firefox. I then have to type my filename like test.php into the browser window so that it says http://localhost/test.php and the file opens in Apache.


If I go into the Windows Explorer folder wamp/www and double click the filename it opens in my default browser which is still IE and I realise that that won't work.


If I right click "open with" Firefox it opens but without using wamp and Apache.


What I would like to see when I right click "open with" is an option for localhost or WampServer but it isn't there and if I browse for a program for localhost, where would I find it? Ideally I would just like to doubleclick a filename in the wamp/www folder but I realise I will have to change the default browser to Firefox (Firefox is the default for WampServer but not for everything else).

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I'll keep an eye out for something like this...


My editor has a built in web preview (not WYSIWYG, like Dreamweaver, but based on Safari's rendering engine), and PHP/MySQL is always running for me, so I don't really think about this any more. Do you at least have bookmarks to your www folder? Assuming that you have a folder per project, you could create a shortcut to that folder within your browser and make it simpler that way. I'm guessing that you already to do this though.

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