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wmode=opaque and ie


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I inserted a swf file into a web page and then placed text over part of it. I then used the wmode=opaque so the text would say on top of the flash file. In firefox and google chrome it shows up fine but, in ie the text is hidden. I can see the text load but then goes away. Why?

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I still see 'opaque' in your tag. Not sure why you need the flash to be the full with on the page because where you have text is doing nothing but taking up dead space. Slide shows like that usually have an xml file in which you can apply the text to it.


I am not going to go into too much but your code could use some serious help. Your design is quite simple but your use of inline css styles is an overkill and should be done via css external style sheet.


Off topic, I lived in WF between '69 until '93. My sister still lives there near Memorial Stadium.

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Moved here about 12 yrs ago to be closer to my wife's parents... not my first choice. We came from the west coast area.


I originally built my site before I started learning css, php, flash and now jquery. I am trying to clean up and reorganize while learning new things and building clients websites. Not enough time in the day to finish everything.


The flash file included the text when I first built it but, then I removed it and kept the size... putting the text over it. I can resize the flash but I wanted to try and find a solution to this ie problem. It appears there are more than just myself with this problem. IE creates problems that firefox and chrome don't have.


Any other advice on this problem?

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