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Not an advertisement, just an FYI in case anyone finds this useful...


Any of you looking for an easy to use, simple CMS? Something that is self-hosted, involves no monthly fees (though there is a one time $50 licensing fee), and handles basic content management tasks? You might want to take a look at MojoMotor, a recently released CMS from EllisLabs, the makers of ExpressionEngine. It's billed as "the content management system that does less" and it looks perfect for basic sites that don't require complicated features. Integration with an existing plain HTML/CSS site looks pretty simple -- just add a CSS class to areas that you want to be editable, and MojoMotor handles the rest.


It is pretty limited, so if you're looking for a long feature list, you'd best look at Wordpress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, etc. But for clients who simply want areas of their website to be editable without having to call you, it looks quite useful. I have a client who looks like they would be a perfect fit for this system, so I'll report back on how I've found the experience.



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