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Good morning guys,


If you have a moment could you visit my link - www.creativeeyedia.com - 2 things I am experiencing in IE 7:


1) On the Stories page - the state links are pushed up and I can not seem to figure out why.


2) On all the pages - the content is pushed up close to the navigation? I know with IE 6 & 7 - it is not recommended to add a bottom margin to the parent container - but better to add a bottom padding. I have a bottom margin on the navigation UL, not the #navigation - would this be the factor of my issue?


Any advice is greatly appreciated -


thank you


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overflow: hidden is the issue to your first problem. Remove it and then adjust to suit.


As for the second problem, I don't see it being to close to your 'states' links.


I couldn't help noticed that you have your header and contents within the #header div. You might check to see if you have a misplaced closing tag and then maybe the content will position accordingly.

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Thanks Newseed


- I removed overflow: hidden, removed the bottom margin and added a height to the nav and this seemed to fix it (contents pushed up as well as the State Links)


Thanks for the tips on adding a border on the divs while building - I will try this



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