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Photoshop Magazines?

Guest zemmi

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i have bought these magazines and to honest they are not worth buying, as photoshop tutorials (covering different effects) can be found through google.

personally though, i buy the ".net" magazine, it covers css, jquery, php, flash, and tutorials on PHOTOSHOP layouts - is once a month, is easy to read (as i dont like reading lots in return for very little knowledge).

there is also the "web designers magazine" (i think) - i bought it once, and i liked it


both of them cover tutorials on web layouts in photoshop (but not in every issue)- so every month i flick through those two and buy the one that covers more of what i want (as they do cover flash which im not going to bother learning)


where as the two you mention (i flicked though them ) they look too advanced and i think they concentrate more on graphic design rather than web layout designed - and the core really advanced stuff (I think)


online websites:

css-tricks.com - css, jquery, photoshop

smashingmagazine.com (as above)


hope you can get something useful out of this :)

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