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I read recently that more and more people are accessing the web content on their cell phones and mobile devices and that the trend will only continue. If that is the case, would it be wise to (first learn) and then try to offer current clients mobile versions of their sites? Or do you think most people will go to an online resource to convert their sites to a mobile version.


I guess I am trying to decide if developing mobile content is worth learning how to do or not. I have googled for hours trying to research this. I have also tried to find current tutorials to start to learn how to create website for mobile devices, but many are old.


So my questions are: as a small web design company (just myself) is it worth learning how to create mobile websites in terms of keeping current?


If it is worth learning, does anyone know of good resources to get one started? Or would you use an online service like .mobi?


Any advice would be appreciated.

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