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background not extending across on PC


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Something strange is happening and I'm only noticing it on the PC. If you make the browser skinny and load the page some of the backgrounds don't fit the width of the layout. If you use the bottom scroll bar you'll see what I mean. I initially noticed it on the .filmstrip-container div which is set to 100% width but I'm not seeing it on the #site-wrapper div as well. I'm not sure I understand why.


It seems to be working correctly on the mac. Any ideas?



site: http://tinyurl.com/yhuyp69

css: http://tinyurl.com/ygq87al

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In IE7 try making your browser skinny, then load the page, then use the scroll bar at the bottom to look at the right side, specifically the bar of four images at the bottom of the screen. The background doesn't extend all the way... It's still showing the problem in IE7 for me (although only on the 4 images at the bottom)

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OK I can see it now, you have a scroll bar in IE7 and the #filmstrip-bar is showing up over to the right instead of wrapping around the .subpages-cell. I have found a solution which works in IE7 and IE8, looks like it's good in Firefox too.


Remove the following from #filmstrip-bar

position: relative

float: left

left: 50%


then remove from .subpages-cell

position: relative

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That didn't seem to fix it :(

What it looks like to me is that filmstrip-container is set to 100% and the div iinside is (filmstrip-bar) is set to 1000px. When 100% is less than 1000px (like if you have a small monitor like my testing laptop or you shrink down the browser window, then load it, then scroll to see the full 1000px width the 100% background didn't draw in, along with anything else inside the 1000px filmstrip-bar div that was outside the browser window. Ack!

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