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Issues setting up windows environment for PHP


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Good evening everyone,

I am having incredible difficulty understanding the differences between the different apache environments. I am trying to start wordpress and it says I have to have php and mysql installed but if php isnt available on the command line via php --version || php -v does that man I would have to do another install for php itself even if it is on xampp?

Also very important question:: Is it the same thing to install wordpress via Bitnami than using wordpress.org?
Lastly, to note, when installing xampp I noticed one of the programs was called Fake Sendmail. And I want to be 10000% sure its not actually fake and its just a name for embedded computer humor? Because logically when something says fake I assume its something to be concerned about? Or if that is just a very funny php community humor as part of the install process? If it's actually fine and just a label and no problem that is hilarious because seeing that I was actually concerned for the past few hours trying to find out what that is and if its something to actually be concerned about?


I apologize if my questions annoy people, I'm just trying to learn to be able to get the job done correctly. Thank you very much!

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