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Unnecessary Code in: Form Validation with PHP and Javascript Chapter 1 Lesson 3?


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Adding PHP Validation: Chapter 1 lesson 3

minutes: 2:30 -nutshell:  If I understand Ben, he adds the php to the input tags in form.php so that when I enter my information in the form and hit submit, my information won't disappear.  But, when I take all of the php out that Ben seems to use to keep my information from disappearing, I get the same result: my information stays there.  Am I missing something?

I have deleted temporarily all of the php echoes in the input tags in form.php (e.g. I deleted <?php echo $error['name'] ?> ).  After I saved the page, I then refreshed the web page with the form.  I entered incorrect login information in the form, and clicked submit.  My incorrect login information was *still there.  As such, I don't yet see the point of adding the php echoes.





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