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Trying to make a simple horizontal sliding websites with jquery


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I like the sliding in this site:



but he's got each link hard-coded into the javascript and I want to create a wordpress-friendly jquery script where I can slide over to posts and pages using their post ID numbers for the anchor links. Therefore all I really need is a slide script that says "slide to this href anchor" and not "when clicking the photo link slide to the photo anchor, when clicking the web link slide to the web anchor, etc..." I don't really know jquery and am working through various demos and tutorials but I feel like the answer has got to be much easier than when I'm encountering.


Basically I want to end up with this:




Content for home blah blah blah
Content for web blah blah blah
Content for contact blah blah blah


...and then horizontally slide from one of the other on menu clicks. That way whenever I add a new page to wordpress it'll get its own post ID and will work nicely... (hopefully)


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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