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Trouble with "Windows Security" window when accessing cPanel


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I've been experiencing problems with accessing my web host's cPanel. A "Windows Security" window opens asking for User ID and Password...I enter the information (which I'm sure is correct)...the security window dims for just a moment as if to allow access, then re-appears prompting once again. At times the window hides long enough for me to enter the User info. into cPanel's screen, but just as I do, up pops Windows Security once again. I try entering the User ID info. into it again, and the game continues, endlessly. I eventually have to force quit Explorer to get out of this and never can gain access to cPanel. This is a fairly recent problem, because up until a few weeks ago I could access successfully. Is there a way to disable the Windows Security function and enter my User information directly into cPanel's screen, avoiding the pesky Windows Security window? I have Norton watching over me, so I'm not too worried about disabling any Windows security functions. Can someone help me?

Thanks - Al

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Benjamin - I tried Firefox and it worked!!! Thanks for the idea.


I have another question for you, if you don't mind. The website I manage has several pages, each one dedicated to a particular grower of produce. My client would like to make each page accessible to the individual for updates they can make on their own, mainly text and image changes, without allowing them access to the entire server full of files. Also, my client would like me to design one single page, a "Fresh Board" that shows what each grower has to offer during the harvest season, and allow each grower to submit their offerings on a weekly basis.


I'm concerned about allowing various individuals free access to files on the server, especially in the case of the "Fresh Board" where several growers might have access to the same file freely.


In your opinion, what's the best way to handle this?


Thanks again - Al

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Well, the ideal situation would be to implement some sort of CMS (Content management System) that would allow each grower to make updates to their own pages, without having FTP access so that other files (other than their own could accidentally get edited or deleted.)


Rather than looking at a full CMS, you might look for something simpler (easier to set up and implement) like:


http://www.mechedit.com/ (very similar to CushyCMS, but hosted on your own server rather than on someone else's)



You might also want to check out http://www.opensourcecms.com/ for other CMS alternatives, including demos you can play with.

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I was concerned that I would have to rebuild the site if I used a full CMS. I checked out cushycms and it reminded me of Adobe InContext Editing that I have access to through Dreamweaver. I set-up an administrators account with InContext Editing and tried to work through creating a situation that allowed for the one-grower-to-one-page access I mentioned before, but had trouble configuring the Host Directory to limit access to just one page within the site. Maybe my knowledge of configuring these types of things is too shallow.


Another concern is the cost...cushycms is free, I think, while I'm not sure about InContext Editing by Adobe. These are things I need to look more into.


As always, any wisdom you can share would be helpful.


Thanks again - Al

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