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Possible to learn html, css and javascript simultaneously ?


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I am in possession of your interactive Web-Developer-course, since actually around half a year now.

I like it a lot, but only could do it til I was half done with HTML, since then I have started studying computer science at university and I was overwhelmed with so much material and stuff, that I only could focus on the subjects, which we had in the first semester.

Now I have finally semester-vacations in and the upcoming semester we will have indeed a subject/course “web development”.

So I want to continue to work with your course during my vacations to prepare for this subject, since there is HTML, CSS and especially javascript involved, which is also taught in your course in an imo very enjoyable way:)

The thing is that HTML/CSS is done at my university within 2-3 lectures (I know this from older students) and then its mostly about the more complex javascript stuff.

Since I have limited time, I wanna make sure that til the new semester does start, I have digged already into javascript and not have done only html and css-

So my question is:
Is it in your opinion possible and al right to learn with your course html, css and javascript simultaneously
 (like 1-2 hours of each per day, for instance), or rather not?

I would be grateful for your insights on this one.

Best regards,


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