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  1. Hi! I am in possession of your interactive Web-Developer-course, since actually around half a year now. I like it a lot, but only could do it til I was half done with HTML, since then I have started studying computer science at university and I was overwhelmed with so much material and stuff, that I only could focus on the subjects, which we had in the first semester. Now I have finally semester-vacations in and the upcoming semester we will have indeed a subject/course “web development”. So I want to continue to work with your course during my vacations to prepare f
  2. Hi! I have more of a general question and thought that it maybe might suit this area of the forum best: I have started to study computerscience and it will be beneficial to know some html, css, js, php in the future semesters plus I find it obviously interesting myself. So I have got your IWD course and am convinced it will help me. On the side, I plan to do some online freelancing work, once Im good enough in Web dev. On the major online freelancing sites, indeed a ton of gig offers are nowadays in using wordpress and no more in using traditional web dev fundamental lang
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