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Firefox add-ons all disabled? Here is why...


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Armagadd-on redux: Certificate expiration caused Firefox to disable all add-ons




On Friday, the expiration of a Mozilla certificate used to check the signatures of add-on codes in Firefox desktop and Android Web browsers caused a nearly universal failure of Firefox plug-ins and extensions as browsers detected them as invalid and disabled them.
The bug, dubbed "armagadd-on 2.0," was addressed by a hot-fix issued over the weekend, and a new version of the browser has been pushed out.



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Microsoft Windows 10 will get a full built-in Linux Kernel for WSL 2




Yes, you heard me right.
Microsoft is taking another step forward to show its love for Linux and open source community by shipping a full Linux kernel in Windows 10 this summer.
No, that doesn't mean Microsoft is making its Windows 10 a Linux distro, but the company will begin to ship an in-house custom built Linux kernel later this year starting with the Windows 10 Insider builds.
Microsoft announced the move in a blog post while unveiling Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2.0 (or WSL 2) that will feature "dramatic file system performance increases" and support more Linux apps like Docker.



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