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Show Title of blog post, not page

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The site is located at: https://theord.com
I am using my own theme I developed.
I am using comic-easel plugin to display comics.
The Goal
  1. Home page - display comic. <== works
  2. Display title on home page (specifically on the 2nd navbar on Home page) -   I have created a page called page-home and using it as the static home page inside of settings, I did this to display the title and it is working, except it doesn't display the title of the comic post, but instead displays the title of "Home" - however, when I go to single page it does display the title. I have tried,  <?php single_post_title(); ?>, <?php the_title(); ?> <=== kinda working, but not on home page as I would like.
  3. Next to the title I would also like to add the date next to title, however, it acts the same as mentioned in #2, it uses the title of the page not the comic. I think if I can resolve one the other will also follow suite.
  4. I want a description and also comments for the comics available. <== not working or showing up at all


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