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Conditional IF statement to HTML form checkbox to add form elements


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Hi everyone,


I am trying to add a conditional if statement to a checkbox in an html form, so that when the user checks the box, the a new set of form elements appear below it.


I created the new form elements in a seperate file, and planned on using the include command, so something like:


If ('kick start' == "yes"

{ include ('kickstart.html');}


the html check box code is

Kick Start


nothing happens though when i click the checkbox.


Any thoughts?

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i checked out the link, but what i need is that when a user checks a box a whole new section of form appears, with text fields and areas etc.


I dont know much about JS either, so if anyone knows where i might help or a tutorial on this or with PHP would be very much appreciated.


I found a source with what looked like it could do what i want, but the page threw a 500 internal server error when loading the it. the new code if anyone maybe able to shed some light is:



//Defining checkbox variable

$kick_start = 'unchecked';


if(isset($_POST['continue'])) // the continue button to execute the following


if ?(isset($_POST['kick_start']))


$kick_start = $_POST['kick_start'];

if ($kick_start == 'yes')

{ include("kick_start_form.html");






Many thanks everyone

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