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Connecting MySQL with PHP

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A question about MySQL beginners course, part of connecting mysql with php, the video was very quickly and i didnt understand well.
1) Is there any simple way to connect a user to a database without such apps such cPanel? (from MyAdmin)
2)You told - "I am just using cPanel to connect a user with a database". Is there some free cPanel alternative that would work good on both mac and windows operating systems? For example i found some alternatives but on the download page i didnt see macos supported.

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Typically CPANEL is included with so many hosting companies. So I would just find a host that has that. 

There are several ways to connect to MySQL besides CPANEL. You could connect via command line using SSH. You could use a third party program that works with MySQL ... they almost always allow for remote MySQL connections. Here are the options:

Any client for MySQL should work equally well for derived products, such as MySQL Enterprise, Percona Server, MariaDB, etc.

Free Clients

Commercial Clients with a Free Option



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Thanks Stef, i solve the problem with MyAdmin!

I didnt know that its possible to connect user with database just using MyAdmin, in MySQL video tutorial you did it with cPanel and talked about third party apps and command line.

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