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not so sure if i start to learn html/css and master it , will this help me in the future ? i dont have computer degree or stuff like that 

my last school was medical and i hated it so im going back to my "I can work from home dream" but in the long run will someone hire me if i know this ? and if i am good at it ofc ... 

there are so many ppl that know so many programming lang i feel underrated just thinking about it 

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Ahh ... you should think of learning code as a very powerful tool that you can use. I was talking to a business professor from a US university, and agreed with me in that understanding even basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript is a great skill for students to have. 

... So even if you decide not to write code for a living, it is still important to know about it.

Makes sense?

Besides that, there are plenty of jobs in programming still and for at least another 15 years. 


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