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Dabbling in Python with Turtle

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I started Stef's KillerPython as a programming refresher and to clarify some things in Python.  I like this tool Turtle that he chose to explain things.  It's less complicated than other tutorials I've seen trying to use TKinter or even worse PyGame.  

In the attached code, I have functions for drawing a square or triangle making use of For Loops and If Then statements.  The first argument controls the size of the shapes.  I wanted a way to accept a second argument telling the Turtle to draw the shape to the left or the right, but I seemed to be getting into a weird situation trying to get Words or Strings accepted as arguments.  

I defined right = 1 and left = 2 so they sort of behaved like integers in my IF statement.  

Anyway, so far I'm enjoying the approach to KillerPython.  As I said in a post on YouTube, I've had some coding classes that leaned heavily on Power Point and were so awfully boring lol.  This is much better feeling more casual and interactive.  






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So far the course is working and I have all the files downloaded.  I'm also using PyCharm IDE on Linux.  

My main challenge is fitting in course time around my work schedule.  

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