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Drum machine web app - How?


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Can anyone explain how the interactive drum machine was made (beginners terms!) in the following website:


Scroll about half way down until you reach: 'Digitakt online interactive demo' and then start pressing the pads to come up with beats. You can also record changes in knob movements just like the real

hardware version.

When I finish the web design course, I would love to incorporate this type of thing into websites. I have looked at the source code and found the title but then nothing - it moves onto the

next section of the site. 

I remember reading on Elektron's facebook page that it is all Javascript. If so how difficult would this be to achieve? And how do you do it?



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I found one youtube drum machine coding video, it's called "Coding for Beginners Lesson 1: Drum Machine - Javascript, HTML, CSS Programming - Succeed In Coding". It seems like a very simple drum machine.

There's also "Mary  livecodes a drum machine".

As well as "Build a drum machine #1 - Playing Sounds - Ember.js". 

Might be worth watching all of them.



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