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  1. I think so. I don't know how many visitors restaurants/florist/mobile shops they receive on their websites. But I get the impression it's low. I think most businesses would pay for exposure. At least the ones you mentioned.
  2. I think the main issue is identifying business that will pay for their websites to be updated regularly. And what services you have to offer. Not saying websites aren't important. But we live in an era of social media, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter etc. Many businesses seem to value those services ahead of a website. If you had a restaurant/florist/mobile shop, would you pay someone to update your website every 3/6 months? I think it's a lot more tricky.
  3. I know there are many useful computer science books on various topics. But with regards to studying a programming language. I find myself reading from a variety of sources. e.g. I'll follow a tutorial. And end up looking up information on Forums, other Tutorials, Wikipedia, Official specification etc. Not to mention watching Youtube and occasionally finding a useful podcast. I'm pretty sure that's same process for other people.
  4. Are you talking about the difference between language construct and functions in PHP? I don't exactly understand the difference but I found a helpful post on stackoverflow. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1180184/what-is-the-difference-between-a-language-construct-and-a-built-in-function-in Supposedly, language constructs can't be used in call backs. It's the second post by Pascal Martin, he has example code.
  5. I think the <head> element is reserved for meta data. You have heading tags (<h1>,<h2>) inside your head.
  6. Maybe this isn't what your looking for, but this is a list for free online books on computer science (via github). https://github.com/EbookFoundation/free-programming-books
  7. Just for future reference, In case there's a need for a second monitor, i would look at a "monitor arm".
  8. I'm not a WordPress user but I found some interesting articles about your issue. The main advice was to delete unused/archived/old themes. And the concern about security vulnerability in poorly coded plugins. Seems that themes, plugins are located in wp-content directory, which you mentioned. Are you going to reinstall your site? Can you backup all your posts/comments and upload the content with a fresh install? The articles i read are "How to Find a Backdoor in a Hacked WordPress Site and Fix It" "Beginner’s Guide to WordPress File and Directory Structure"
  9. Searching suggestion for the web. You might want to try typing "drum machine javascript", "drum machine php", "drum machine web browser", "drum machine html" etc. You'll probably get a better result that way. Seems like you picked a good project.
  10. I found one youtube drum machine coding video, it's called "Coding for Beginners Lesson 1: Drum Machine - Javascript, HTML, CSS Programming - Succeed In Coding". It seems like a very simple drum machine. There's also "Mary livecodes a drum machine". As well as "Build a drum machine #1 - Playing Sounds - Ember.js". Might be worth watching all of them.
  11. You can buy a 20+ inch monitor that you can rotate 90 degrees and put it besides your 32 inch monitor. But some people have issues using monitors of different sizes. And you'll still need a bit of space on your desk. Seems like you want that extra monitor.
  12. Don't know much about drum machines. But have you checked out github.com? Maybe not as complex as the one you saw but there are more than a few examples. Just search "drum machine" on Github.com.
  13. Why do you want one monitor if I looked at this issue this year. The "issues" i saw were Desk space. Screen real estate. Price I personally think a 2 monitor setup is ideal if you like to code while you watch coding videos. I'm not saying it's impossible to use one monitor for this activity, but reading code on one full screen as you type in another screen seems a lot easier.
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